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The Minnesota Vikings' new stadium cost more than a NASA mission to Pluto.

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Tax payers in Minnesota were forced to pay over $500 million to build the Vikings' new stadium without even being able to vote on a referendum on whether or not they should even do so

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  1. The Minnesota Vikings are building a stadium that costs more than sending a space probe to Pluto.

  2. The Minnesota Vikings are the only NFL team to have an actual human as their mascot. His name is Ragnar

  3. Sending the New Horizons space probe to Pluto on a 15 year mission costs less than building the new Minnesota Vikings stadium

  4. Jim "Wrong Way" Marshall, the defensive end of Minnesota Vikings (NFL), on October 25, 1964 in a game against San Francisco 49ers after picking a fumbled ball ran 66 yards the wrong way to his own end zone. It is called the most embarrassing episode in NFL history.

  5. Former NFL player and Hall-of-Famer Alan Page received his Juris Doctor while still playing for the Minnesota Vikings. In 1992, Page was elected to an open seat as an Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, becoming the first African-American to serve on that court.

  6. After the last Minnesota Vikings game at the Met Center the fans ripped parts (including turf from the pitch, seats, the goal posts and speakers) from the stadium for souvenirs

  7. It's thought that the Minnesota Vikings lost the NFL Championship/Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy after winning the '69 NFL Championship. The whereabouts of it are still unknown.

  8. The rapper Busta Rhymes was named by Chuck D after Buster Rhymes, a Minnesota Vikings Receiver drafted in 1985.

  9. In 1964, the Detroit Lions brought the same colored jerseys to a game against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings had to change their jerseys mid-game because they could not both wear the same color.

  10. Longtime Minnesota Vikings head coach Bud Grant briefly played in the NBA

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Brock Lesnar played for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL(preseason)

The professional wrestler/mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar had an NFL career with the Minnesota Vikings. - source

Eugene McCarthy, a senator from Minnesota, unsuccessfully ran for president a total of five times. Go Vikings. - source

The Minnesota Vikings new football stadium with large sections of reflective glass on the exterior kills on average 120 birds per year.

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WWE superstar Brock Lesnar tried out for the Minnesota Vikings but was cut before the 04-05 preseason

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The Minnesota Vikings will be using a hockey rink (Mariucci Arena) as a warming house for Sunday's football game. The projected high temperature is 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Minnesota Vikings fan kept beard 38-plus years, waiting for Super Bowl title that never came

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