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Some are funny facts and some will make you say WTF. But being inconvenient and not useless, all those facts will enrich your knowledge base and help you pass through.

A British woman was sued for biting off a man's nose after he tried to kiss her without consent. She won and the judge ruled "When a man kisses a woman against her will, she is fully entitled to bite his nose"

In 2009, Colorado initiated its Family Planning Initiative to provide low-to-no cost birth control to 68 family clinics around the state. Between 2009 and 2013, the state's teen birth rate dropped by 40%.

There was a campaign to rename the Australian Dollar to 'Dollarydoo' after an episode of The Simpsons. Supporters claimed it would increase demand for the currency.

Redheads need more anesthesia during surgery and produce their own vitamin D.

During filming of The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer managed to convince all the major actors that they were Keyser Soze. When Gabriel Byrne first watched the film he was so stunned that he wasn't Keyser Soze that he stormed off into the parking lot and argued with Singer for an hour.

The day after Google took over Youtube, comedian Jessica Delfino's song "My Pussy Is Magic" got banned for being inappropriate (it has medical textbook images and crude drawings of vaginas). then featured the video on its front page.

Stephen King’s drug and alcohol addiction was so bad that he can barely remember writing Cujo. King's family staged an intervention, showing him evidence taken from his office including beer cans, cigarette butts, grams of cocaine, Xanax, Valium, NyQuil, dextromethorphan and marijuana.

Mathematician Paul Erdos could calculate in his head, given a person's age, how many seconds they had lived....when he was 4.

30 british officers tried to escape POW camp "Castle Colditz" (Oflag IV-C) by digging a tunnel. Because they read the compass wrong, they landed in the wine cellar of a german colonel. There they drank 137 bottles of wine, filled them with their urine and placed them back.

Winona Ryder was beat up as a child by bullies for looking like a feminine boy and was then kicked out of the school instead of the bullies. She ran into one bully years later and the bully asked for her autograph, to which she gloriously denied.

Donnie Yen in his late 90s was at a nightclub with his then girlfriend who was getting harassed by a gang of thugs. Yen warned them to leave her alone but to no avail and as they left, the gang followed and attacked Yen. According to reports Yen hospitalized upto 8 members of the gang.

A 19 year old man dove 85 feet into the ocean to wrestle an 80 pound octopus with a 9 foot diameter to the surface in a 25 minute epic battle in which he punched the octopus subduing it after it turned red and lunged at him tearing off his respirator. He drove it home, cooked it up, and ate it.

Jim Carrey wrote letters to Tupac Shakur when Tupac was in prison to help him laugh and smile.

Anne Frank's father attempted to seek asylum in the US.

95% of all Thoroughbred racehorses can be traced back to a single 18th-century stallion