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Some are funny facts and some will make you say WTF. But being inconvenient and not useless, all those facts will enrich your knowledge base and help you pass through.

In 2007, a group of college students drove the speed limit (55MPH) on I-285 and backed up traffic for miles.

Young eggplants look like eggs, which is where they got their name

Unlike in Cool Runnings, the Olympic bobsledding community welcomed the first Jamaican team; and offered them guidance and spare sleds. They went on to crash in the Qualifying Round.

Michael Keaton refused 15,000,000 to play Batman Forever because Tim Burton was dropped as its director.

South Koreans have grown 3 inches taller than their North Koreans counterparts. They are genetically the same and have been living similar lives till divide in the last century. The nutritional difference of only 50/60 years has caused this difference.

At age 10, Shia LaBeouf landed a hollywood agent by pretending to be his own manager and calling random agents in the yellow pages

King Charles VI of France suffered from glass delusions, a psychiatric phenomenon in which people believe they're made of glass. Charles VI refused to let people touch him and wore reinforced clothing to protect himself from accidental "shattering."

Almost all the weight thats removed when you lose weight exits out your nose as carbon dioxide in your breath

Amy Schumer was once arrested for grand larceny, but used her relation to a U.S. senator to plead down the charge

An Iranian F-4 Phantom tried to shoot down an U.S. surveillance drone in international airspace. An American F-22 Raptor flew under the F-4 undetected, checked out their weapons, pulled up on their left wing, switched to their radio frequency and said ‘you really ought to go home'”

In 2012 a zookeeper licked a monkey's anus for an hour in order to save the monkey's life

After Domino's admitted their pizza tasted bad in 2010 and reinvented their pizza, The company's stocks have outperformed every large tech company in the past decade.

When the D-Day forces landed, Hitler was asleep. None of his generals dared send re-enforcements without his permission, and no-one dared wake him.

Jesse Spencer, the actor who plays Dr. Chase in House M.D., has three siblings, all of which are doctors.

Only one sitting President has been arrested while in office: Ulysses S. Grant, was arrested for speeding.