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When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies. Effectively "busting a nut"

The term "Walking Ghost" refers to the period of time shortly after an individual is exposed to toxic radiation when the victim appears perfectly healthy.

A revolt of textile workers in 14th century Florence led to the son of a washerwoman becoming president when he entered the palace barefoot and overthrew the oligarchic government. For 4 years the republic was ruled almost entirely by middle class artisans and shopkeepers

The wealthiest self-made woman in the world is a Chinese woman who had the foresight to export US waste paper, recycle it to China to make boxes and packing materials, which will be sent back to the US creating a never ending cycle.

After the band Three Dog Night covered Randy Newman's song "Mama Told Me Not To Come" and made it a No. 1 hit, Newman called the band's lead singer Cory Wells and said "I just want to thank you for putting my kids through college"

Human cadavers donated to science are used as crash test dummies because they're better at showing organ and tissue damage than conventional dummies (for obvious reasons).

The reason why cats avoid eating food or drinking water from the sides of their bowls is to prevent 'whisker fatigue' (sensory overload) which causes pain and stress every time they eat.

About shrinkflation, the practice of stealthily reducing a product's size while maintaining its price so that consumers may unknowingly pay the same for less. According to the UK’s Office of National Statistics, 2,529 supermarket products decreased in size or weight between 2012 and 2017.

Zildjian , the largest cymbal producer, was founded in 1623 by an alchemist. He was attempting to turn metals to gold and accidentally made an alloy which made cymbals better. The business mainly made noisemakers for the Ottoman Army. A family member founded the 2nd biggest cymbal brand.

Russian and NATO troops were very close to using force against each other in Kosovo, 1999. A NATO commander disobeyed the orders he was given, reportedly saying "I'm not going to start the Third World War for you" to his superior, who was later fired.

A California medical school just got $200 million to invest in 'energy healing,' 'mineral infusions' and other alternative medicines

Monty Python's Life of Brian' was single-handedly funded by Beatle member George Harrison after EMI Films withdrawing funds

In 1995 New Mexico state senator Duncan Scott introduced an amendment that psychologists were required to wear a wizard's hat when they testify in court.

President John F. Kennedy was a huge James Bond fan. He viewed an early print of 'From Russia with Love' at the White House on Nov 21st, 1963. It was the last film he ever saw, he was killed the next day in Dallas.

Despite Alzheimer's Disease killing nearly as many people every year as cancer (in the U.S.), it receives only a tenth of the funding from the government that cancer does.