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In 2012, British supermarket Sainsbury's discovered that reducing the size of a toilet paper tube from 123mm to 112mm would allow more rolls in each truck, taking 500 trucks off the road and reducing carbon emissions by 140 tonnes.

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Jon Huntsman instituted a 4 day work week in Utah: 2/3 of employees said it made them more productive, it reduced conflict at home and work, led to higher staff morale, lower absenteeism, and cut carbon emissions by 14%

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  1. Since 1970, 90% of the Deforestation in the Amazon Rain forest is Attributed to Cattle Ranching. As a Result, We are Converting Earth's Greatest Carbon Sink into a Huge Source of Methane Emissions.

  2. Bhutan is only carbon negative country in he world, the country emits around 1.5 million tonnes of carbon annually, while its forests absorb over 6 million tonnes. Bhutan is aiming for zero net greenhouse gas emissions, zero-waste by 2030 and to grow 100 percent organic food by 2020

  3. Livestock and their byproducts actually account for at least 32.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, or 51 percent of annual worldwide GHG emissions.

  4. In 2009, the President and Cabinet of the Maldives held a meeting underwater - in SCUBA gear - to sign a declaration calling for global cuts in carbon emissions. The Maldives is expected to disappear under rising seawater this century.

  5. 160 container ships have the same carbon footprint as all the cars in the world combined, yet the emissions from container ships are not included in global carbon emissions testing as they are typically beyond national boundaries

  6. In an effort to curb congestion and carbon emissions in Singapore, normal cars have huge taxes and duties; A Toyota Prius costs $154,000 USD, A BMW 6 series coupe costs $$330,000

  7. Iron Fertilization could capture 10-25% of annual carbon emissions, along with creating clouds that could cool the environment even more.

  8. Texas is #1 in toxic chemicals released into water, carcinogens released into air, carbon dioxide emissions, hazardous waste, #2 in overall birth rate, #50 in % with high school diploma, population insured, women receiving prenatal care in first trimester

  9. Algae are often used to reduce emission of carbon dioxide in the power plants and to facilitate cleansing of the wastewater instead of harsh chemicals that were used for this purpose in the past.

  10. Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

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carbon emissions fact data chart about Carbon emissions from the California fires have spread acros
Carbon emissions from the California fires have spread across the West Coast

carbon emissions fact data chart about Global carbon emissions compared to IPCC recommended pathway
Global carbon emissions compared to IPCC recommended pathway to 1.5 degree warming

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Biodiesel is capable of powering engines while producing 60% less carbon dioxide emissions.

Trees are important to the ecosystem as they absorb carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.

It's possible to 'scrub' carbon dioxide out of the air. The captured CO2 can then be used to create low-carbon fuels or stored to eliminate the emissions from the atmosphere - source

Cement production is responsible for around 10% of the world's carbon dioxide emission

Carbon footprint from beef leads the agriculture sector, which, at 14.5% of all global greenhouse emissions, is more than what cars, trains, boats and planes emit combined. - source

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A nuclear reactor costing 6 billion dollars that would have prevented 3 million tons a year of carbon emissions was rejected by the citizens of long island, never opened, and was decommissioned in 1992

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This application reduces harmful emissions from cars by converting carbon monoxide and other gases into less poisonous gases.

People are less likely to buy energy efficient bulbs when they're labeled as being good for the environment, largely because the issue of carbon emission reductions is so polarizing in the United States.

The carbon emissions from heating water for washing hands in the U.S. is equivalent to the total carbon emissions of Barbados, even though washing with hot water doesn't kill more germs than washing with cold water

In the not too distant future, commercial ships could be powered by an energy-harvesting device known as WITT device which is capable of capturing wave motion in any direction and turning it into power and this could reduce the ships dependency on Fossil Fuels also reduce the carbon emission

A special camera has been invented to show what Carbon dioxide emissions look like

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carbon emissions fact infographic about China's Carbon Dioxide Emissions Exceeds US and EU Combined

China's Carbon Dioxide Emissions Exceeds US and EU Combined

carbon emissions fact infographic about Total lifestyle-related carbon emission by global wealth bra

Total lifestyle-related carbon emission by global wealth bracket

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The term ‘vog’ refers to the hazy air pollution caused by volcanic emissions, which are primarily water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas.

One of the key industrial uses for cerium is as a catalytic converter for automobiles to reduce carbon monoxide emissions.

The US's carbon emission per capita are almost the same as China's, India's and the EU's put together.

Motorized gardening equipment accounts for 12% of all Carbon Monoxide emissions in the USA

In Australia an individual or business can pay a company to kill camels to counteract their own carbon emissions.

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Amtrak's Heartland Flyer, the first beef byproduct biodiesel train, ran on 80% regular diesel and 20% beef-based biofuel. Amtrak said the fuel reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions by 10%, cuts down on particulates by 15%, and reduces sulfates by 20% compared to standard diesel.

A room booked via Airbnb boasts a 66% reduction in carbon emissions per night over a hotel room

In 1995 the EPA and Justice Department slapped GM with an $11 million fine for installing “defeat devices” on 470,000 1991-95 Cadillac Sevilles and Devilles that overrode pollution controls. That resulted in carbon monoxide emissions of up to three times the legal limit.

A 10% reduction in speed of 50% of UK electric motors would reduce carbon emissions by the equivalent of 9.8 million saloon cars

Carbon dioxide emissions are one way of measuring a country's economic growth

Delta Airlines has a carbon emissions calculator that tells you how much Co2 is emmited from your flight, then shows you how much to donate to tree conservancy funds to offset your emissions.

The carbon dioxide that is evolved in the manufacture of cement contributes 5% the world’s green house gas emissions

About the only coffee store in the world to roast coffee conventionally and not produce any carbon emissions. Naked Coffee in Bournemouth, UK.

A round-trip flight from New York to San Francisco generates two to three tons of carbon dioxide emissions per passenger. This is roughly the amount of the annual emissions of an average Brazilian.

Cul-de-sacs are disliked among city planners, due to their isolation, which encourage the use of vehicles instead of walking, thereby increasing carbon emissions

New York City's greenhouse gas emissions as one-ton spheres of carbon dioxide gas

There is an surefire way to reverse Desertification and potentially reduce carbon emissions to pre industrial revolution levels, by utilising the Holistic land management to rejuvenate grass lands.

If we want to be carbon emissions neutral, we will need to plant more forest than area covered worldwide by all agricultural and pastures combined.

In terms of carbon emissions during production and distribution, 1 cotton tote bag is equivalent to 327 single-use plastic bags

Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

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