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In 1991 the Junipero Serra High School football team was so bad they failed to score a touchdown or win a game yet they never tried starting the backup quarterback. That backup QB they never started is 5-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

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Frank Reich (QB) held the record for the largest comeback in the NFL and NCAAF until 2006. He also was the backup QB in both instances.

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  1. Tom Brady was the backup QB on his freshman football team that went 0-8 and scored 2 TD all year

  2. Among players taken in the 1998 NFL draft, only Peyton Manning earned more in his professional sports career than his college backup QB, Todd Helton who outearned the rest of the draft class as a MLB player with a career tally of $141,000,000

  3. Four-time Super Bowl winner Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's (of Duck Dynasty) backup at QB at Louisiana Tech

  4. Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, was a starting QB in college, who's backup for 2 years was 4x Super Bowl Winner and HOFer Terry Bradshaw.

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