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The Dallas Cowboys stadium uses more electricity than the whole of Liberia

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders only make $150 per home game and must pay for their own hair, makeup, travel, and photo expenses. They must also practice for 6 hours a week and show up to games 5 hours before they start.

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  1. The record for the highest attendance at any NFL game was not a SuperBowl or even in America, rather, it was a match between the Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys with 112,376 in attendance at the Aztec Stadium in Mexico city

  2. The Cowboys Stadium in Dallas uses more electricity than the entire country of Liberia

  3. The term "Hail Mary" became widespread after a December 28, 1975 NFL playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vickings, when Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach said about his game-winning touchdown pass to wide receiver Drew Pearson, "I closed my eyes and said a hail mary."

  4. Dallas Cowboys stadium uses more electricity during a game than all of Liberia

  5. The Dallas Cowboys are tied for the second most valuable team in the world. They are tied with FC Barcelona for second place. The first is Real Madrid.

  6. The Dallas Cowboys have had several team nicknames including America's Team, Doomsday Defense, The Boys and Big D.

  7. The current owner, president, and general manager is Jerry Jones. The head coach is currently (2014) Jason Garrett.

  8. After JFK was assassinated, some Cleveland Browns fans carried signs to the home game vs. the Dallas Cowboys denouncing the city of Dallas as having "killed the president"

  9. The Buffalo Bills have played in four Super Bowls including Super Bowls XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII. They lost 20-19 in Super Bowl XXV against the New York Giants. They lost 37-24 in Super Bowl XXVI against the Washington Redskins. They lost 52-17 in Super Bowl XXVII against the Dallas Cowboys. They lost 30-13 in Super Bowl XXVIII against the Dallas Cowboys.

  10. Super Bowl V, between the Baltimore Colts and Dallas Cowboys, is known as the "Blunder Bowl" because of the abundance of turnovers, penalties, and general poor play on both sides. It is the only Super Bowl for which the Most Valuable Player Award was bestowed on a member of the losing team.

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The Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington Texas; they haven"t played in Dallas since "71.

The Dallas Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. From 1960 to 1971 their home field was Cotton Bowl. From 1971 to 2008 the Dallas Cowboys" home field was Texas Stadium. From 2009 to present they have played at AT&T Stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys team colors are navy, silver, and white.

The Dallas Cowboys have played in 31 Playoff seasons (as of 2014) including years 1966-1973, 1975-1983, 1985, 1991-1996, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2014.

The Dallas Cowboys have 21 former members enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame including Herb Adderley, Troy Aikman, Larry Allen, Lance Alworth, Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, Forrest Gregg, Bob Hayes, Michael Irvin, Tom Landry, Bob Lilly, Tommy McDonald, Bill Parcells, Mel Renfro, Deion Sanders, Tex Schramm, Emmitt Smith, Jackie Smith, Roger Staubach, Randy White, and Rayfield Wright.

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The Dallas Cowboys have won the Super Bowl five times. They won Super Bowl VI, XII, XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX.

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The Dallas Cowboys have won 10 Conference Championships including the NFL Eastern in 1966 and 1967, as well as the NFC in 1970, 1971, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1992, 1993, and 1995.

In 1966 Dallas Cowboys rookie Walt Garrison asked for and received a horse trailer as a signing bonus since he needed it for his off season rodeo job.

Members of the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor include Drew Pearson (wide receiver), Bob Hayes (wide receiver), Bob Lilly (defensive tackle), Charles Haley (defensive end), Chuck Howley (linebacker), Cliff Harris (safety), Don Meredith (quarterback), Don Perkins (running back), Drew Pearson (wide receiver), Emmitt Smith (running back), Larry Allen (guard), Lee Roy Jordan (linebacker), Mel Renfro (defensive back), Michael Irvin (wide receiver), Randy White (defensive tackle), Rayfield Wright (offensive tackle), Roger Staubach (quarterback), Tex Schramm (general manager), Tom Landry (head coach), Tony Dorsett (running back), and Troy Aikman (quarterback).

Barry Breman, also known as "The Great Imposter." Breman was a salesman who posed as a Major League Baseball umpire at the World Series, a player in a MLB All-Star Game, a player in a NBA All-Star Game, a referee in the NFL, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, an Emmy Award accepter, and much more

The Dallas Cowboys have won 22 Division Championships including the NFL Capitol in 1967, 1968, and 1969, as well as the NFC East in years 1970-1973, 1976-1979, 1981, 1985, 1992-1996, 1998, 2007, 2009, and 2014.

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The last time the Dallas Cowboys were in the Super Bowl, the Carolina Panthers were in their first season of existence

The Dallas Cowboys are worth approximately $3.2 billion. This makes them the most valuable NFL team.

The team mascot is Rowdy.

Tom Landry, Hall of Fame coach formerly with the Dallas Cowboys, used to fly B-17 bombers in World War 2.

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The Dallas Cowboys - Washington Redskins NFL rivalry started before the Dallas Cowboys existed!

The Dallas Cowboys are listed as the most valuable sports team in the world in front of Real Madrid and Manchester United

Despite having several Hall of Fame players, the Dallas Cowboys have no retired numbers.

Dallas Cowboys Receiver and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin once stabbed a teammate in the neck with scissors for not getting out of "his" chair.

"World Wide Wes". William Wesley has been called "the most powerful man in sports" despite no one knowing how he became important. He knows LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and many other NBA stars; Jay-Z, and Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones; and might even have attended Frank Sinatra's funeral.

In 1984 despite not playing football or basketball in college, Carl Lewis was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bulls.

Howard Mwikuta was the first player born and raised in Africa to appear in the NFL when he played for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1970 pre-season as a placekicker

In 1970, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lance Rentzel was arrested for exposing himself to two 10-year-old girls. Given no jail time, he was traded to and continued to play with the LA Rams. The NFL later suspended him for possession of marijuana.

All the NFL referee call challenges are done via instant replay process in New York. In 2018 over 39,000 official calls were made with just 349 of them challenged; .8%. Since 1999, the overturn rate on those challenges are just 37%. The Dallas Cowboys have the best success rate with 47.5%

On game days AT&T Stadium home of the Dallas Cowboys uses more energy than the Ebola stricken country Liberia

Hollywood Henderson, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys who went to 3 Super Bowls but ended his career with a cocaine addiction. He would later win a $28 million dollar lottery

Former Dallas Cowboy, Michael Irvin, stabbed a teammate in neck with scissors when the two got into a fight about who was to get their hair cut first

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Bob Hayes, who won an Olympic gold medal in the 100M, is credited by many as being the reason zone defense and bump and run was developed.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were originally approached about being dubbed 'America's Team' by NFL Films. When they declined saying "the Steelers are Pittsburgh’s team," NFL Films then approached the Dallas Cowboys with the same offer.

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