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In 1968 NBC quit the coverage of the AFL match between the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets in the final minute to broadcast the television film Heidi. Oakland scored two touchdowns in that minute to win the game 43–32 in a legendary comeback.

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The NFL’s New York Jets shipped 350 rolls of toilet paper to London, England, for their clash with the Miami Dolphins. A Jets intern, who had been to London numerous times, had stated 'the toilet paper was very thin because their plumbing isn't as good', so the Jets brought their own.

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  1. Soviets shot down a commercial jet that originated in New York when it entered Soviet airspace by accident. 269 people were killed, including a US Congressman

  2. On Oct. 5, 1986, referee Ben Dreith made his famous "giving him the business" call during a New York Jets-Bills game. "Personal foul, No. 99 of the defense," Dreith announced. "After he tackled the quarterback, he was giving him the business down there." Dreith gave a mini-demonstration.

  3. About John Bowen who died after being struck by a flying model lawnmower at a New York Jets Halftime Show

  4. Immediately following the 1999 NFL season, the New York Jets promoted Bill Bellicheck to be head coach. He was coach for only one day because the Patriots hired him instead. Right before his press conference, he scribbled on a napkin 'I resign as HC of the NYJ' and gave that to the owners.

  5. Moments before Bill Belichick was to be introduced as the new head coach of the New York Jets, he resigned, by writing on a napkin "I resign as HC of the NYJ"

  6. The "Butt Fumble". A mistake by New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was so infamous (and hilarious), that it won ESPN's "Worst of the Worst" vote for 40 weeks in a row before the network retired it.

  7. Sam Darnold, former USC quarterback and current New York Jets QB, had a grandfather named Dick Hammer. Hammer was an American athlete, firefighter, and actor, who stared on the television show Emergency!

  8. Angry New York Jets fans booed the team when it selected the obscure QB Ken O'Brien instead of future Hall of Famer Dan Marino in the 1983 NFL Draft. O'Brien later said "Heck, some of my cousins grew up as Jets fans. They were probably doing the same thing".

  9. Bill Belichick resigned as Head Coach of the New York Jets during the press conference that was announcing him as the new Head Coach.

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New York City To LA In a G4 PRIVATE JET To Deliver Thunder️(Is It Good) - source

Denver Broncos legend Steve Atwater called Broncos owner Pat Bowlen after his final season with the New York Jets, asking him if he could retire as a Bronco. He signed a one-day ceremonial contract with the Broncos before announcing his retirement from football. - source

During his time in New York, Charlie Ward, a Heisman winning QB in college who then went to play professional basketball for the NY Knicks, was called the "best quarterback in NY" due to the struggles the Giants and Jets had at the QB position.

Black Beetle, an experimental jet-powered locomotive test bed of the New York Central Railroad (NYC) corporation, developed and tested in 1966. - source

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After his New York Jets rookie season (1999), Keyshawn Johnson wrote an autobography entitled, "Just Give Me The Damn Ball". The Jets lost the AFC Championship that year to the Broncos, 23-10

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In 2013, three paralyzed veterans rode jet skis from Florida to New York, arriving at Ground Zero on September 11th.

In the NFL, The New York Jets have never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles

Lavar Ball, bombastic father of UCLA standout Lonzo Ball, spent time on the practice squad for the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers

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