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During his rookie season Roberto Clemente wore the number 13. After the Pirates" player Earl Smith left the team in 1955 Roberto Clemente took his No. 21.

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The Braves assigned Hank to play for the Eau Claire Bears - a Class-C farm team. He soon made the Northern League's All-Star team. By the end of the season he was Rookie of the Year.

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  1. During his rookie season Roberto Clemente was in a car accident and suffered a lower back injury that caused him to miss several games. He still managed to play in 124 games, finishing the season with an average of .255.

  2. In 1966 Dallas Cowboys rookie Walt Garrison asked for and received a horse trailer as a signing bonus since he needed it for his off season rodeo job.

  3. Michael Jordan left college after his junior year to play in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls, scoring an average of 28.2 points each game in his first season, for which he received the NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

  4. Kobe Bryant's numbers from his '08 MVP season are almost identical to Michael Jordan's numbers from his '85 rookie season.

  5. Now-NBA MVP and All Star Giannis Antetokounmpo almost had to run to a game his rookie season. After sending his entire first paycheck to his struggling family in Greece, he didn't even have enough to call a cab. He started running to the stadium when a fan picked him up on the street.

  6. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White played professional football and was the 1938 rushing leader his rookie season with the Pittsburgh Steelers (Pirates at the time)

  7. Though not uncommon for a rookie NHL player to live at a team mate's home when they first arrive in the city, Sidney Crosby lived with Mario Lemieux and his family for five seasons

  8. During his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls, Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) applied for a job at Circuit City in order to get an employee discount.

  9. After his New York Jets rookie season (1999), Keyshawn Johnson wrote an autobography entitled, "Just Give Me The Damn Ball". The Jets lost the AFC Championship that year to the Broncos, 23-10

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