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Harvard professor Tom Lehrer was asked at the age of 84 by rapper 2 Chainz if he could sample his 60-year old song. Lehrer replied, "I grant you motherfuckers permission to do this. Please give my regards to Mr. Chainz, or may I call him 2?"

Back in May 2016, in order to show the absurdities of software EULAs, the Norwegian Consumer Council did a live, word-by-word, non-stop reading of all of Apples and 3rd party EULAs on an "average" iPhone. It took them over 32 hours.

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  1. I learned that Medal of Honor recipients are entitled to much more than the medal including a $1,300 monthly bonus, 10% retirement raise & may wear their uniform even after they are out of the service.

  2. Inattentional deafness is when someone is concentrating on a visual task like reading, playing games, or watching television and are unresponsive to you talking, they aren't ignoring you necessarily, they may not be hearing you at all.

  3. About shrinkflation, the practice of stealthily reducing a product's size while maintaining its price so that consumers may unknowingly pay the same for less. According to the UK’s Office of National Statistics, 2,529 supermarket products decreased in size or weight between 2012 and 2017.

  4. As the third man in history stepped onto the moon he said "Whoopee! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that's a long one for me"

  5. "Inemuri", in Japan the practice of napping in public, may occur in work, meetings or classes. Sleeping at work is considered a sign of dedication to the job, such that one has stayed up late doing work or worked to the point of complete exhaustion, and may therefore be excusable.

  6. The US may have adopted the metric system if pirates hadn’t kidnapped the French scientist sent to help Thomas Jefferson persuade Congress to adopt the system

  7. Brian May's dad helped him build his famous guitar, but was upset when Brian abandoned his PhD program to join Queen. Brian went on to write "We Will Rock You", "Fat Bottomed Girls"—and eventually "A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud", the thesis he finished 36 years later.

  8. Researchers historically have avoided using female animals in medical studies specifically so they don't have to account for influences from hormonal cycles. This may explain why women often don't respond to available medications or treatments in the same way as men do

  9. There is a small Pacific Island where about 10% of the population are completely colorblind (only see shades of black/white/grey). The condition limits vision in full sunlight, but may lead to sharper vision at night, like for night fishing.

  10. Praising a child’s intelligence may encourage them to only engage in low-risk tasks in which their intelligence won’t be challenged, as learning takes a backseat to praise-seeking. This can last throughout adulthood. For better results, praise them on their efforts instead.

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may fact data chart about After some intense rain near Chicago yesterday, I pulled thi
After some intense rain near Chicago yesterday, I pulled this daily rain data from my station, showing all daily rain since May. Data visualization created by Tableau.

may fact data chart about Status of UN sustainable goal of reducing poverty to below 3
Status of UN sustainable goal of reducing poverty to below 3% population in May 2019

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In 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World, May Myat Noe was stripped of her crown for refusing to get breast implants. Officials cites her "ungrateful attitude .... " as their reasoning. That "ungrateful attitude" refers to the 16-year-old's decision not to get breast implants.

Charles Darwin married his first cousin with whom he had ten children. Three died as infants and three were infertile. He was the first to raise the question if incest may cause weaknesses in offspring after studying inbred plants in his garden. - source

In the 1950s, the USSR started breeding foxes in an attempt to see how wolves may have been domesticated. As a result there are now domesticated foxes called Silver Foxes which are still being bred. - source

The Dutch King had secretly been piloting commercial KLM airplanes as a "relaxing hobby" for 21 years as of May, 2017

During WWII, Japanese ships heavily underestimated the depths American submarines could get to, often allowing them to escape. This secret was ruined when Congressman Andrew May revealed the information at a press conference, resulting in an estimated loss of 10 submarines and 800 men. - source

May Bradford, a Red Cross volunteer during WWI who wrote over 25,000 letters and notes, an average of 12 a day, for wounded soldiers who were too ill or too uneducated to write to their family. She also sat with the injured and dying and considered herself to be a surrogate mother to them.

Bruce Lee had his underarm sweat glands surgically removed in 1972 because he thought underarm sweat was unphotogenic on film. It’s theorized this may have contributed to his death through a heat stroke exacerbating the cerebral edema that killed him.

Cleopatra, while born Egyptian, traced her origins to Greece, may have been more renowned for her intellect than her appearance. She spoke as many as a dozen languages, was well educated, and was later described as a ruler “who elevated the ranks of scholars and enjoyed their company.”

Your body has a protein called PER that determines when your body wakes up, and is the reason why you may wake up X amount of hours before your alarm - to prepare your body for the stress that the alarm causes you.

14-year-old Roman Emperor Elagabalus was a cross-dressing, sex-obsessed torture fiend who may have invented the whoopee cushion. He loosed venomous snakes into gladiatorial crowds and released his pet lions and leopards into banquet halls or the bed chambers of his guests.

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may fact infographic about Donald Trump's Most Tweeted Words (May 2009 - June 2017)

Donald Trump's Most Tweeted Words (May 2009 - June 2017)

may fact infographic about Number of E-Mail I received regarding Privacy Policy Changes

Number of E-Mail I received regarding Privacy Policy Changes over the last few days, before new Privacy Laws came into effect on 25. May 2018 (EU). Apparently, I am not the only on

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About Nuclear Semiotics - the study of how to warn people 10,000+ years from now about nuclear waste, when all known languages may have disappeared

Japan requires citizens between the ages of 45 and 74 to have their waistlines measured once a year and are expected to fall within an established range. Companies and local governments may face fines if their employees are overweight and do not meet these guidelines.

Prison inmates are teaching testy dogs civility. There may be no better place for bite-prone animals to receive the constant care they need to break out of their own prisons. The men who train the animals learn responsibility, and acquire a skill they can use outside the prison walls.

About James Christopher Harrison, an Australian blood donor whose rare plasma composition has helped in the treatment of Rhesus disease. In May 2018 he made his final donation (1173rd) at the age of 81 after having saved 2.4m babies during his lifetime as a donor.

Apes can learn sign language and can communicate with humans. However, Apes are not capable of asking questions. They do not attempt to gain knowledge from others by asking questions. They do not seem to realise that others may have information they do not have.

May 35th, the date Chinese dissidents use to fool the censors when commemorating the anniversary of Tiananmen Square, June 4th, 1989

It is illegal to collect or possess eagle feathers in the United States, and only enrolled members of a federally recognized Native American tribe may legally possess them.

Brian May, the lead guitarist for Queen and astrophysicist, dislikes smoking so much that he prohibited smoking indoors at concerts before smoking bans became the norm. The dislike for smoking was due to his father’s heavy cigarette use.

During a press conference in June 1943 Congressman Andrew May noted that Japanese depth charges detonated too soon to be effective. The Japanese changed depth charge tactics after the press releases, killing 800 US submariners

Oral birth control extends the half life of caffeine, meaning that women on bc may have caffeine in their systems for 4 hours longer than typical. This may lead to anxiety, headaches, and increased heart rate.

As the earth warms, scientists fear that ancient viruses and bacteria will be released from the permafrost. Deadly infections from hundreds of years ago may reemerge, especially from old cemeteries where victims of these diseases were buried.

The Maharaja(Indian King) of Jamnagar took in and agreed to look after 1000 orphaned Polish children — Jews and Catholics alike — who faced an uncertain future during World War II. The Maharaja told the children, “You may not have your parents, but I am your father now.”

Washington state will be the first state to allow human composting as a form of burial on May 1, 2020.

The reward of 72 virgins may be a mistranslation. The reward for martyrdom may actually be raisins.

Architecture undergraduate Maya Lin's design of the Vietnam Memorial only earned a B in her class at Yale. Competition officials came to her dorm room in May 1981 and informed the 21-year-old that she had won the design and the $20,000 first prize.

Turning down the radio in your car to concentrate more may actually increase visual acuity, it's your brains way of prioritizing tasks.

In 1997 supercomputer Deep Blue made a completely counter-intuitive move against chess player Garry Kasparov that got into his head and may have caused him to lose the match; It was later revealed that a bug caused the computer to make the move at random

Queen Elizabeth declined the opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne on set in Belfast, due to a little known rule that she may not sit on foreign thrones.

It was assumed Amelia Earhart died 80 years ago(July 2, 1937) after crashing her plane in an attempt to fly around the globe and her remains were lost to deep waters.Due to a skeleton found on an island, an aircraft recovery group now believes she may have lived months as a castaway

If a female dog grows in the womb between two male dogs, she may turn out to be a "tomboy" due to testosterone exposure and demonstrate masculine behaviours such as lifting her leg to pee.

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