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In 1991 the Junipero Serra High School football team was so bad they failed to score a touchdown or win a game yet they never tried starting the backup quarterback. That backup QB they never started is 5-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

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An Omaha man has filed a lawsuit against the University of Nebraska over its longstanding tradition of releasing balloons into the air after its football team scores a touchdown, alleging the practice violates environmental laws.

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  1. Terrell Owens is the only NFL player to score a touchdown against all 32 NFL teams. (actually has at least 2 for each team)

  2. Green Bay Packers wide receiver Max McGee didn't expect to play in the first Super Bowl in 1967. He showed up hungover and without his helmet. He ended up making a one-handed catch to score the game's first touchdown

  3. The Junípero Serra High School JV football team recorded a historically bad season in which they failed to win a game or even score a touchdown yet they never attempted to start their backup quarterback. That backup quarterback they refused to start is 4 time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

  4. In the 1989 season, Deion Sanders became the only person in the history of Earth to score a home run in the MLB in the same week as scoring a touchdown in the NFL. He is also the only person to have ever participated in both a World Series and the Super Bowl.

  5. Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon

  6. In 1987 the NFL used replacement players due to a strike. The Redskins used a quarterback on work furlough from prison and another player, after scoring a touchdown, went over to the stands and picked up a package from his sister with his laundry because he couldn't afford to do his own

  7. In 1968 NBC quit the coverage of the AFL match between the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets in the final minute to broadcast the television film Heidi. Oakland scored two touchdowns in that minute to win the game 43–32 in a legendary comeback.

  8. After Leon Lett touched the blocked field goal in 1993, a girl sent him aa letter and said mistakes happen. She mentioned a player from the previous year who had the ball knocked out of his hands right before he was supposed to score a touchdown... that player was also Leon Lett.

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Jim Thorpe scored 198 points, including 25 touchdowns, in the national collegiate championship in 1912.

Deion Sanders played in both the World Series and the Super Bowl. He hit an MLB homerun and also scored a touchdown in 1989 in the same week. He is the only one to have these accomplishments.

The first touchdown scored by a Baltimore Ravens player happened during the first game. It was scored by quarterback Vinny Testaverde. The Ravens beat the Oakland Raiders that day 19-14.

Ed O'Neill was signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, although his claims of scoring 4 touchdowns in a game remain unsubstantiated.

Deion Sanders played in both Major League Baseball and the National Football League at the same time. He hit a homerun and scored a touchdown in the same week. He is also the only person to play in the Super Bowl and the World Series.

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The Miami Dolphins had an actual dolphin mascot from 1966 to 1968. Her name was Flipper, and she was trained to jump after every field goal and touchdown scored.

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In 2011, the Carolina Panthers scored a touchdown on a trick play called "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" from the 1994 film "Little Giants"

The first touchdown scored by a New Orleans Saints" player happened during their first game as a franchise in 1967.

During the most lopsided college football game in history, neither team completed a first down that did not result in a touchdown. The final score was 222-0.

NFL wide receiver Ricky Proehl who played in two Super Bowls against the Patriots, both of which he scored the last touchdown in the final minutes of the game only for Adam Vinatieri to win for the Patriots on a field goal. Both players would later join the Colts and win a Super Bowl XLI.

A Madden football simulation predicted the exact score of Super Bowl XLIX. It also predicted the Seahawks up 24-14 in the 3rd, Brady winning MVP, Julian Edelman catching a short-yardage touchdown pass to win, and Brady throwing for 335 and 4 touchdowns. Brady threw for 328 and 4 touchdowns.

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The longest known extra point try in high school football was 62 yards. It was due to multiple excessive celebration and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties after scoring a touchdown.

In 2001, Chicago Bears safety Mike Brown scored back-to-back overtime game-winning touchdowns off interceptions. This is the only time a team has scored two touchdowns of any time in back-to-back overtime games.

Jack Kerouac scored the winning touchdown on a Thanksgiving day game, getting him a scholarship to Columbia University in New York where he would become the voice of a generation.

A 1892 American college football game in which both the Michigan and Oberlin claimed victory after Oberlin left the field when an Oberlin player acting as referee announced that time had run out after but then a Michigan umpire ruled that time remained. Michigan then scored a touchdown.

Bo Jackson only scored 18 total touchdowns in his NFL career

How many touchdowns have the dolphins scored this year?

about "the play". A backyard football like play in American football at the end of a game where the band enters field way too early and ends up blocking the players from scoring a touchdown and getting somewhat trampled

The first Super Bowl touchdown was scored by a guy with a brutal hangover

Near the end of Super Bowl 46, the New England Patriots let the New York Giants score a touchdown, and the Giants tried to avoid scoring a touchdown, both to increase their odds of winning. The Giants involuntarily scored a touchdown but won anyway.

John Elway's four total rushing touchdowns in his Super Bowl games are the most ever by a quarterback. He is also the second player ever to score a rushing touchdown in four different Super Bowls.

Rob Lytle was the first person to score a touchdown in both the Rose Bowl and the Super Bowl.

A blind high school running back in Phoenix scored a touchdown this month after the other team’s defense LET him run it in. But he wanted to score for real, or not score at all. So over the weekend, another team played him straight up, and he scored TWO legit touchdowns . . .

Terrell Owens is the only football player to have scored a touchdown against all 32 NFL teams. This is due to him being traded to so many different divsions during his career.

Ed O'Neill (Al Bundy from Married with Children) is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu he can score 4 touchdowns in a single game, AND throw a mean triangle choke.

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