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When the NFL football team Seattle Seahawks invited a retired 4 star general to their facility, Seattles head coach Pete Carroll blitzed him with questions about whether the 9/11 attacks “had been planned or faked” by the government.

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The reigning Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson makes less than $1 million and is actually the lowest paid quarterback on the team, with his two backups making substantially more than him.

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  1. Chris Matthews, of the Seattle Seahawks was recently working at Foot Locker before being invited to try out for the team. His first career catch in the NFL was in the Superbowl.

  2. The Seattle Seahawks are the only NFL team to have never worn their away uniforms at home.

  3. In the lead-up to Super Bowl XLVIII, the Washington State Senate passed a resolution on Friday, January 31, 2014, temporarily renaming Mount Rainier as Mount Seattle Seahawks.

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  6. In 2009, Owen Schmitt, fullback for the Seattle Seahawks, celebrated a touchdown by removing his helmet and smashing it against his own forehead hard enough to require stitches.

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  8. The Seattle Seahawks have to lease the phrase "12th Man" from Texas A&M but own the rights to "12"and" 12s". After settling in 2006, Seahawks pay $28k per year to use it, but can't use it in social media or merch.

  9. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is a 9/11 "truther"

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The Seattle Seahawks pay a licensing fee to Texas A&M University for the use of the "12th man" title for fans.

The Denver Broncos were on the losing side in three of the five most lopsided Super Bowl results, including losing 43-8 to the Seattle Seahawks with Peyton Manning at quarterback in SB XLVIII - source

Shaquem Griffin, a professional football player with one hand, now playing with his brother for the NFL team Seattle Seahawks. - source

The Seattle Seahawks' flagship "12th Man" expires in 2016 due to trademark

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