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There used to be a Latin warning describing the Strait of Gibraltar: "NON PLUS ULTRA", or "Nothing further beyond". After Spain reaped huge rewards proving that this wasn't quite true, they made their national motto "PLUS ULTRA", or "Further beyond".

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German architect Herman Sörgel had a plan to build an enormous dam across the Strait of Gibraltar to lower the sea level of the Mediterranean Sea by up to 200 m to colonize new territories and produce huge amounts of hydroelectricity.

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  1. Over five million years ago the Mediterranean Sea almost dried up completely (after the closure of the Strait of Gibraltar) and when the strait opened up again it refilled somewhat rapidly in the event know as the Zanclean Flood.

  2. Between 5 and 6 million years ago, the Strait of Gibraltar closed, and the entire Mediterranean Sea evaporated within 1000 years, leaving behind a salty desert.

  3. In WWII the British had a secret plan to seal six men within the Rock of Gibraltar should it be captured by the Germans so they could report on ship movements through the strait. Ian Fleming (James Bond author) was part of the team behind it, and the plan's mastermind was the inspiration for M.

  4. During WWII, the Germans managed to sneak 62 U-boats through the British-controlled Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean, as depicted in "Das Boot". No U-boat ever made it back out into the Atlantic.

  5. The symbol of the dollar/peso ($) comes from the symbolic Pillars of Hercules of the Strait of Gibraltar, which marks the boundary of the old world. The 2 Pillars were draped in an S shaped banner with the Latin warning 'Non plus ultra' indicating "this is the end of the (known) world."

  6. In 1928, Herman Sörgel, a German architect, planned to build a dam across Strait of Gibraltar, joining Europe and Africa as the sea levels lowered. He proposed that it would generate huge amounts of electricity and the newly dried land would provide shelter, employment and food to people.

  7. It takes the Mediterranean Sea about 1,000 years to evaporate when tectonic plate movement closes the Strait of Gibraltar. This last happened about 5.6 million years ago (and will happen again).

  8. Subdivisions of the Mediterranean Sea, which are smaller water bodies contained within the sea, include the Strait of Gibraltar, the Alboran Sea, the Balearic Sea, the Ligurian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Adriatic Sea, and the Aegean Sea.

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Just created this for my honors project, arsenic concentrations along the northern extent of the Strait of Gibraltar,

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If the Strait of Gibraltar close, most water in the Mediterranean basin would evaporate - source

Atlantropa: An engineering idea to create a hydro-electric dam across the straits of Gibraltar and drain the Mediterranean. - source

Atlantropa, a German engineering project that would have put a hydroelectric dam on the Strait of Gibraltar.

If Gibraltar strait was closed, the level of Mediterranean sea would be hundreds of meters lower due to evaporation - source

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There's only one natural way to enter the Mediterranean Sea and that's through Strait of Gibraltar. The other way is artificial and that's Suez Canal

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