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The river Congo is at one point 8 MILES wide

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A dam in the Congo River would generate 40,000 MW of power (equivalent to 20 large nuclear power stations), it would supply 40% of Africa with electricity, and it would produce twice as much power as the Three Gorges dam in China

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  1. The Congo River is the deepest river in the world, at over 750 feet deep in places (currents make it hard to know how much deeper it is). It also has the most endemic species of any river.

  2. There is a species of Tigerfish in the Congo River which eats crocodiles.

  3. One section of the Congo River is referred to as "The Gates of Hell". It is a 75 mile long stretch of rapids.

  4. The lower part of the Congo River is the deepest river in the world at 270m (about 886ft). Due to the dynamic flow and extreme depths, there are interesting and unique environments for aquatic species.

  5. The Congo River flows through the African countries Tanzania, Cameroon, Zambia, Angola, Zaire, and the Republic of Congo.

  6. Although many people think of Africa as being hot and dry, the Congo River gets approximately 90 inches of rainfall each year.

  7. Although used for transportation the Congo River is also home to sections that are impossible to navigate including rapids, waterfalls, and many islands (approximately 4,000 islands).

  8. The Congo River is the second longest river in Africa. The first is the Nile River.

  9. The Congo River was called the "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad. History has painted the Congo River and the rainforest along its banks as being full of cannibals, pygmies, horrible plagues and strange beasts.

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What is the biggest obstacle to traveling by boat on the congo river?

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Mokele-mbembe, a legendary water-dwelling creature of Congo River basin folklore, loosely analogous to the Loch Ness Monster in Western culture. It is claimed to be a sauropod by some cryptozoologists.

The First known European explorer to see and enter the Congo River was Diego Cao, in 1482.

The violence that has plagued the people and the land along the Congo River includes tribal warfare, slavery, ivory harvesting, and ethnic massacres that still continue today.

The Congo River has been a major source of transportation for people in Africa for many hundred years. There are still few roads and railways and the river is relied on for much of the transportation in the region.

The Congo River is named after the Kongo Kingdom. This kingdom was located near the mouth of the Congo River.

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The world's largest hydroelectric dam is being built in the Congo River. It could generate 40,000 megawatts of energy and provide 40% of Africa's electricity

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The Congo River flows into the Atlantic Ocean, discharging 1,500,000 cubic feet per second. Because at least one section of the river is always in rainy season the water flow is fairly consistent all year long.

The land drained by the Nile River includes Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Congo, and Tanzania. This area is referred to as the basin.

Major cities that the Congo River flows through include Novosobirsk, Barnaul, Mogochin, and Akademgorodok.

The Niger River is the world's 11th longest river and it is Africa's 3rd longest river, after the Nile River and the Congo River.

The people living along the Congo River use the water to irrigate their crops which often include cotton, sugarcane, and tobacco.

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In 1987 a Japanese expedition to the Congo detected a large, unknown animal swimming in remote, enigmatic Lake Tele and filmed it from an airplane. This footage can be seen in a short film called "Expedition up the Dja river" on this page: (

There have been approximately 700 species of fish discovered in the Congo River's waters but it is believed there are many more. The Congo River is also important to many animals including giraffes, gazelles, zebras, buffalo and antelope, which graze upon the grass growing on its banks.

Henry Morton Stanley. He was a British man who emigrated to the US, became a citizen and fought for both the Confederacy and Union, and then eventually explored and charted the Congo River basin, the last major piece of habitable land unknown.

There is a legendary creature said to live in the Congo River Basin called the Mokele-mbembe. It is believed by cryptozoologists to be a species of dinosaur that survived the K/T extinction and lived into modern times.

The main tributaries to the Congo River are the Kasai, Sangha, and Ubangi.

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The capital of Congo and the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo are situated on opposite sides of the Congo River. It’s the only place in the world where two national capital cities face one another.

Two islands in the Congo river are being transformed into luxury complexes expected to include thousands of flats, villas, offices, hotels and shopping centres. Designed in Dubai, it's been dubbed the "new Manhattan" in Kinshasa, where eight million people live in poverty

The two rivers with the highest discharge (Amazon & Congo) once belonged to the same river system, after which they separated and the Amazon decided to change direction

There is a city being constructed on the Congo River by Kinshasa, and anticipates at least 250,000 residents. It will offer residents quality water, modern waste management, security, and independent energy source

1935 German engineers had plans to dam the Congo river. Flood the Congo basin. Divert the river north and irrigate the Sahara desert.

Joseph Conrad's sailing trips took him to South America, Australia, South Pacific Island, Malay States, Borneo, the Gulf of Siam, and ports of the Indian Ocean. He also took a trip down the Congo River in Africa. His voyages served as inspiration and information for one of his most famous novels Heart of Darkness.

The Congo River is believed to have formed approximately 1.5 to 2 million years ago. This was the Pleistocene period.

In the lower Congo River, currents can be so strong that a population of one species of fish on one bank of the river can be genetically distinct from those on the opposite bank.

There is a plan to link the Nile and Congo Rivers

The largest hostage crisis in history was on the Congo River & involved 2,000 European/American prisoners, Belgian commandos, the U.S. Air Force, Cuban CIA pilots, and hundreds of mercenaries.

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