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There was a plan in the 1920s/30s to dam the Mediterranean Sea, create a series of hydroelectric dams, lower sea levels and make North Africa more fertile. It was imagined by a German who wanted to avoid another world war for resources, land and energy by providing plentiful resources for Europe

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German architect Herman Sörgel had a plan to build an enormous dam across the Strait of Gibraltar to lower the sea level of the Mediterranean Sea by up to 200 m to colonize new territories and produce huge amounts of hydroelectricity.

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  1. Paraguay produces 90-99% of its electricity from hydroelectric dams

  2. Some of the largest hydroelectric power stations in the world include Three Gorges Dam in China, Itaipu Dam in Brazil and Paraguay, Xiluodu in China, Guri in Venezuela, Tucuri in Brazil, Grand Coulee in the U.S., and Xiangjiaba in China.

  3. Hydroelectric power generating methods include using dams, wind turbines, and generators, pumped storage, run-of-the-river systems, and tide power stations.

  4. There are 14 hydroelectric dams along the Columbia River. The Columbia River is responsible for one-third of the hydro potential in the United States. There are also more than 450 other dams in the Columbia River watershed.

  5. The Canadian province of Quebec has been building hydroelectric dams on the rivers that feed into James Bay since 1971. These dams are capable of producing about half of the provinces power each year.

  6. The world's largest hydroelectric dam is being built in the Congo River. It could generate 40,000 megawatts of energy and provide 40% of Africa's electricity

  7. There was once an idea to add a couple key dams and drain the Mediterranean Sea thus connecting Europe with Africa and creating hydroelectric power and farmland.

  8. The job of a hydroelectric power plant is to make electrical energy from the mechanical energy of water that is stored in dams.

  9. There are many dams in the United States that could be sources of energy if turbines were installed. Only 2,400 of the 80,000 dams are being used for hydropower.

  10. When droughts occur in regions that are powered by hydroelectric dams, the electricity production can be negatively affected.

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Paraguay has the 2nd and 25th largest hydroelectric dams in the world that provides 100% renewable and clean energy but suffers constants blackouts due to poor distribution infraestructure

The largest working hydroelectric power plant is located on the Parana River, shared with Brazil and Paraguay. Its name is the Itaipu Dam.

When Hoover Dam was finished in 1936 it was the world's largest hydroelectric power station. It was also the world's largest concrete structure at the time.

Hydroelectric dams along the Zambezi River include the Kariba Dam which powers Zimbabwe and Zambia, and Mozambique's Cahora Bassa Dam which powers Mozambique and South Africa. Victoria Falls also houses a small power plant.

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The Dnieper dam,the largest hydroelectric station in the soviet union was build with the help of american engineers. 6 americans received the medal of the order of the red banner of labour for "the outstanding work" in the construction of the dam

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In 1975, a hydroelectric dam collapsed in Henan Province, China, drowning approximately 26.000 people and killing 145.000 through famine and epidemics in the aftermath.

The United States bombed North Korea between 1950 to 1953, killing 1 in 5 of North Korea's population, leveling every significant town and city along with hydroelectric and irrigation dams, causing massive flooding and destruction of crops

The Chinese Government intentionally flooded a city to build a hydroelectric dam.

9 of the top 10 most productive currently active power plants in the world, generate power use hydroelectric dams.

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Atlantropa, a German engineering project that would have put a hydroelectric dam on the Strait of Gibraltar.

The ITAIPU DAM at the border of Brazil and Paraguay supplying approximately 75% of the electricity consumed by Paraguay and 17% of that consumed by Brazil. Also it is generating more energy than the hydroelectric facility of the Three Gorges Dam in china.

Grand Coulee dam in Washington state has largest hydroelectric capacity in the US

In 1982, the largest waterfall by volume in the world, the stunningly beautiful Guaira Falls on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, was swallowed up by a man-made reservoir created by a hydroelectric dam.

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In 2016 a monkey caused a 4-hour power outage across Kenya after it tripped while crossing Gitaru Power Station and fell on the transformer of a hydroelectric dam. The incident cut off power to over 4.7 million homes and businesses throughout the country.

A hydroelectric dam killed more people than Chernobyl and Fukushima

Switzerland is incredibly prepared for civilizational collapse with 1200 water fountains, innumerable secret hideaways and bunkers, and hidden hydroelectric dams.

Washington State has the cheapest electricity in the country - thanks largely to hydroelectric dams: Data visualization

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