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California's largest body of water, the Salton Sea, was created by an engineering mistake. Irrigation canals were dug from the Colorado river to the Salton sink. When the river flooded a dyke was breached and the entire Colorado river poured into the sink making the sea.

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The Aral Sea used to be the fourth largest lake but has been steadily shrinking since 1960. It is draining because the USSR diverted two rivers that fed the sea in order to construct two irrigation canals and build a cotton industry in Uzbekistan.

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  1. The Salton Sea, the largest lake in California, was created by accident in 1905 when the Colorado River overflowed irrigation canals built to bring water to the Salton basin. The river flowed into the basin for two full years, creating the lake.

  2. In 1905 the California Development Company increased water supply in the Imperial Valley by digging irrigation canals from the Colorado River to the valley. Fearing silt build up, they cut into the bank of the river, accidentally creating the Salton Sea, the largest lake in California.

  3. About a widely believed victorian theory, stating that Martians built massive canals from the poles of Mars to irrigate their dying planet.

  4. The Caloric Reflex Test is a test used to determine brain stem death and involves irrigating ice cold or warm water or air into the ear canal with a syringe. Reactive eye movements are then monitored. The test is also used to provide temporary pain relief from phantom limb pains in amputees

  5. The first irrigation systems, built in approximately 7000 BC in Mesopotamia, included canals that were more than a mile long and as wide as ten feet.

  6. One of the principal reasons people believed in Martians was due to astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli observing, in 1877, what he believed to be straight lines on Mars’ surface. Many interpreted them to be canals constructed for irrigation purposes, thus evidencing intelligent life.

  7. Hohokam Indians once constructed the largest irrigation canal in North America.

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