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The geography of the region around el Alamein played a major roles in both battles and was a major reason for the Axis loss. The Qattara Depression was located about forty miles south of the coastal city. The Depression was nearly impenetrable by most tracked vehicles due to the combination of fine sands and escarpments, so the Axis forces were forced to attack el Alamein in a frontal attacking, giving the British the advantage of a bottleneck.

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About the 'Qattara Depression Project', a plan to partially flood parts of the Sahara, using 213 1.5 megatons nukes to "dig" the canal.

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  1. The Qattara Depression could be used to power Egypt and create a inland sea the size of Lake Ontario

  2. The Enigma Deciphering machines were given the cipher due to German Soldiers situated in the impassable Qattara Depression had to send the mandatory daily message, each time using the predictable phrase "No Special Occurrences"

  3. 200 nuclear bombs could have been used to create the "Sahara Sea" by excavating a canal in Egypt that would connect the Qattara Depression with the Mediterranean Sea.

  4. Engineers and scientists were planning on flooding the Qattara Depression with seawater from the Mediterranean Sea by digging a large canal with 213 1.5-megaton nuclear explosive charges. Each has an explosive yield 100 times that of Hiroshima.

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