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In baseball, a left-handed specialist is a relief pitcher who throws left-handed and specializes in pitching to left-handed batters. They frequently enjoy long careers since their pitching arm suffers less stress.

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In 1994, Indian’s relief pitcher Jason Grimsley once crawled through the Comerica Park air duct with a flashlight in his mouth to get into the umpire’s room so he could switch out Albert Belle’s confiscated bat because he knew it was corked.

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  1. Kid Nichols, youngest pitcher to reach 300 wins, pitched over 5000 innings and was never replaced in a game by a relief pitcher.

  2. In 1987 relief pitcher Charlie Kerfeld's contract with the Astros paid him $110,037.37 and 37 boxes of orange Jell-O.

  3. About Koo Dae-Sung, a Mets relief pitcher, who during his first ever career at-bat hit a double against Hall-Of-Famer Randy Johnson and then managed to score from second base on a bunt.

  4. MLB pitcher Ernie once threw a "perfect game", getting 27 outs without allowing a baserunner, but it's only credited with a combined no-hitter because he pitched in relief of Babe Ruth, who was ejected after walking the first batter and punching the umpire.

  5. Billy Wagner, a former MLB pitcher, was born right-handed but taught himself to throw left-handed after breaking his right arm twice as a young boy. He went on to be a 7x All-Star and Relief Pitcher of the Year in 1999 as a left-handed pitcher.

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