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Jackie attended John Muir High School along with Ted Williams and Bob Lemons, both fellow future Baseball Hall of Famers. In high school all three played on the Pemona Annual Baseball Tournament All-Star Team.

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The longest home run hit ever made in Fenway park--502 feet-- was done by Ted Williams on June 9, 1946. The place where it landed in the stands, is marked by a red seat.

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  1. Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams used his HOF speech to advocate for the inclusion of African-Americans to the HOF and was credited for his role in opening Cooperstown to players of color

  2. The "homeless man with a golden voice", Ted Williams, is now homeless again and "owns nothing."

  3. Deceased baseball star Ted Williams underwent an attempt at cryogenic freezing. The doctors performing the process botched it, most notably decapitating the head from the body, when it was supposed to be a "full-body suspension."

  4. Baseball HOFer Ted Williams Served As John Glenn's Wingman During The Korean War.

  5. During his time as a US Marine Corps Pilot Ted Williams was shot down by small arms fire. He did not eject because he feared he'd break his knees do to his 6' 4" frame. He survived and was on another bombing mission within 24 hours.

  6. Ted Williams holds the record for getting on base in 84 straight games in 1949. The closest anyone has come to that streak since then is 63.

  7. About pitcher Steve Dalkowski. Ted Williams and Umpire Doug Harvey said nobody threw harder. His catcher Cal Ripken Sr. guessed 110 MPH. He never made majors. Averaged 12.6 SO per 9 innings in Minors.

  8. Ted Williams, MLB Hall of Famer, was cryogenically frozen after his death in 2002. His family did this despite his wishes to be cremated, in hopes of "[being] able to be together in the future, even if it is only a chance"

  9. Baseball legend Ted Williams was frozen cryonically under rather dubious circumstances by two of his children.

  10. Ted Williams' .482 career on base percentage was matched or exceeded in a single season only 7 times in the 55 years since his retirement in 1960.. and 4 of those times were during Barry Bonds' potentially tainted years in the early 2000s

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In 1982 an analytics program on an Apple III computer was used to simulate a hypothetical MLB All-Star Game with Hall of Fame players like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Ted Williams for the AL and Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Sandy Koufax for the NL. The “game” was later broadcast on the radio.

Ted Williams' frozen head was used in batting practice. - source

From 1993-1996 the world record for most consequetive free throws was held by a 71 year old man Tom Amberry (2,750). Until passed by a 55 year old Ted St. Martin (5,221). Neither of which played pro ball. The NBA record is 97 held by Michael Williams. - source

Ted Williams (famous baseball player) body and head were cryogenically preserved. The head was separated from the body, and was placed in a metal container called a 'dewar', resting on a can of tuna fish to keep it from settling to the bottom of the container.

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You can be cryogenically frozen and the company doing it has been accused of playing tee-ball with Boston Red Sox Ted Williams' head. "The tuna can was stuck on the top of his head, a technician grabbed a monkey wrench, took a swing at the can, missed it, missed the can, hit the head."

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Ted Williams' frozen head was kept on a tuna can until it was knocked off with a monkey wrench

Baseball legend Ted Williams was cryogenically frozen

Homeless dude with the golden voice (Ted Williams) ran for President of the United States

In the 90's, Senator Ted Cruz introduced to Supreme Court Justices William Rehnquist and Sandra Day O'Connor to the concept of hardcore internet pornography to better rule on a law regulating internet pornography.

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There's a Red Seat at Fenway Park marking a Ted Williams 530-foot homerun in 1946. No one has challenged it since

The late great John Glenn flew with baseball legend Ted Williams as his wingman in the Korean War.

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