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World Cup referees run 6 to 8 miles per game. All while scrutinizing plays and communicating with players and other officials. Players run around 7 miles per game which dwarfs what NFL, NBA or MLB players run per game.

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Former MLB player Larry Walker was obsessed with the number 3. He set his alarm for 33 minutes past the hour, took practice swings in multiples of 3, wore the number 3, was married Nov 3 at 3:33pm, and once bought 33 tickets for disadvantaged kids to sit in section 333 of the ballpark.

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  1. Major League Baseball (MLB) grants a lifetime pass for free admission to MLB games for life to any player, manager, coach or umpire with at least eight years of MLB experience. MLB is the only major pro-sports league that has such a program.

  2. Joel Youngblood is the only player in MLB to get hits for two different teams in two different cities on the same day.

  3. The Simpsons episode "Homer at the Bat" (the one with 9 MLB players as guest stars) was the first time the show beat The Cosby Show in the ratings

  4. Eddie Gaedel, a dwarf and shortest player to appear in a MLB game at hight 3'7". Gaedel had one plate appearance, where he was walked in 4 straight balls and was replaced by a pinch runner. He wore the bat boy's uniform and was paid $100 for his appearance which he parlayed into $17K via TV

  5. In 2009, an MLB player named Eric Bruntlett made two consecutive fielding errors, putting runners on first and second. On the next play after that, he made the 15th unassisted triple play in MLB history, winning the game.

  6. On August 4, 1911, Germany Schaefer was the last MLB player to steal first base, forcing a rule change. Also in 1914 he randomly walked in to a Chicago court room and successfully defended two drunks and got them acquitted.

  7. Homer Simpson was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. This was celebrate the 25th anniversary of a Season 2 episode of The Simpsons when 9 MLB players cameoed for Mr Burns softball team back in season 2, 1991.

  8. In the 1988 MLB draft Tommy Lasorda (L.A Dodgers' Manager) drafted Mike Piazza as a favor for his dad. Piazza was selected in the 62nd round as the #1,390th player selected. Piazza is now regarded as one of the best offensive catchers in baseball history and is in the Baseball Hall of Fame

  9. Glenn Burke, a talented prospect of the Dodgers, was the first MLB player to come out as gay. Dodgers GM Al Campanis offered to pay for a lavish honeymoon if Burke agreed to marry. Burke refused and is said to have responded "you mean to a woman?"

  10. The Average Lifetime Earnings of an Engineer ($5,016,723) is higher than the average lifetime earnings of an NFL Player($3,010,000) and an average MLB player ($2,912,000). Furthermore, for the elite engineers have higher average career earnings than NBA players $13,533,236 vs. $12,027,456.

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Combined faces of top 1800 MLB (Major League Baseball) players

mlb player fact data chart about Home-run frequency for all MLB players
Home-run frequency for all MLB players

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About Adam Greenberg, a baseball player who suffered a skull fracture on the first pitch ever thrown to him in the MLB, effectively ending his career after just 1 pitch. 7 years later the Miami Marlins offered him a 1-day contract so that he could get a second chance to bat in an MLB game.

Former MLB player Manny Ramirez gets unlimited sushi as part of his Japanese Baseball contract agreement. - source

MLB offers a card that gives any player manager, coach or umpire with at least eight years of service free admission for two seats to any regular-season game of their choice for life - source

Even though Sammy Sosa is the only player in MLB history to hit 60 home runs in a season 3 times, he didn't lead the league in home runs in any of those 3 seasons.

Glenn Burke was the first and only MLB player to come out as gay to teammates and team owners during his professional career and the first to publicly acknowledge it. Burke said "By 1978 I think everybody knew" and he was "sure his teammates didn't care." - source

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Babe Ruth badly wanted to Manage an MLB team after retiring as a player and was denied due to the image he created of himself for his off-field exploits. Being one of the original five members inducted to the MLB Hall of Fame in 1936, the other four received offers to manage/coach a team.

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About 1750 fans are injured each year by a batted ball at an MLB game (More than players hit by pitches the same year.) Stadium owners are protected from liability as long as nets are over the most dangerous seats (home plate area) And having the "Baseball Rule" printed on tickets.

A MLB player with one hand pitched a no hitter

MLB player Shoeless Joe Jackson was originally a pitcher but threw the baseball so hard that he broke the catchers arm. So they moved him to the outfield.

Barry Breman, also known as "The Great Imposter." Breman was a salesman who posed as a Major League Baseball umpire at the World Series, a player in a MLB All-Star Game, a player in a NBA All-Star Game, a referee in the NFL, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, an Emmy Award accepter, and much more

In 1999 an MLB player hit 2 grandslams in 1 inning.

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Proportion of Left, Right, or Both handed MLB players by year.

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MLB Players Birth Month Distribution

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The highest paid player in the MLB and the highest paid player in the NFL were friends growing up and graduated together at the same high school

Tim Raines, a baseball player who was a 7-time MLB All-Star in the 1980's, testified that he kept a gram of coke in his uniform pocket, snorted during games, and made a point of sliding head-first so as not to break the vial.

Roy Gleason is the only MLB player to be drafted and sent to the front lines in Vietnam after playing professionally. He earned a purple heart, and won a world series ring with the Dodgers which was lost in Vietnam.

The high five was accidentally invented by Glenn Burke, the first and only active MLB player to come out as gay. After he quit baseball the high five became a symbol of gay pride and identification in San Francisco's Castro district

Two Yankees MLB players decided to swap families partway through the season. They continued to live each-others lives raising each-others kids and dog, one still going after 40 years.

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MLB center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury is the only player in Red Sox history to become a member of the famed 30-30 club, which is at least 30 home runs & 30 steals in a season. He accomplished the feat in 2011.

An MLB player sneaked Mission Impossible-style into an umpire’s office to replace his teammate’s confiscated corked bat with an uncorked one. The heist was quickly discovered as there were “clumps of ceiling tile on the floor” and the replacement bat had another player’s name stenciled on it.

Tinder uses a modified version of the ELO Rating System, the same system used to rank players in chess, MLB, and Scrabble to rank users based on desirability

Former MLB player Tim Raines kept cocaine in his back pocket during games and would fall asleep in the dugout in between innings

Four men in MLB history have been traded for themselves as the Player to be Named Later.

Former MLB player Hideki Matsui had a 55,000 video strong porn collection and tried to give the press porn at his first pro press conference.

During WW2, MLB player Moe Berg attended a lecture by physicist Heisenberg with a gun to kill him should he reveal that the Nazis were close to completing the bomb. No reveal was made. Unclear on the bomb's status, Berg let Heisenberg live, later calling the event his own "Uncertainty Principle”

Ray Chapman is the only professional baseball player to be killed as a result of an injury on the field. Shortly after the 1920 season, MLB mandated removing dirty baseballs to prevent players from misjudging them during the game, a rule that is still in place today

For 20 years, a famously well-endowed stripper nicknamed "Morganna, the Kissing Bandit" rushed onto the field during MLB baseball games, wildly kissing players. Altogether, she kissed 37 Major League baseball players, from Cal Ripken Jr. to Nolan Ryan to Pete Rose, and was arrested 20 times.

78% of NFL players file Bankruptcy within 5 years of retirement, 60% of NBA players file within 5 years, MLB players file for BK 4 times more than the National average

The Star Spangled Banner became a fixture during the 1918 World Series as MLB players were on the verge of being drafted into the military

The oldest MLB player was one Satchel Paige, playing one game for Kansas City at age 59. He sat on a rocking chair in the bullpen between innings, being served coffee by a "nurse". He gave up no runs and one hit in 3 innings, walking off to a boisterous ovation despite the small crowd of 9,000.

In 1920 during a MLB game, Cleveland Indians player Ray Chapman was accidently killed by a pitch from Yankees' Carl Mays.

Not only did Branch Rickey sign Jackie Robinson, he also signed Roberto Clemente, the first Latin American player in the MLB Hall of Fame.

The Tony Conigliaro award, an award given by the MLB to professional baseball players who overcome disadvantages to play at high levels. Yangervis Solarte, who lost his wife to cancer during the baseball season but still played while taking care of three young daughters, won most recently.

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