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Actor Paul Giamatti is the son of former Yale president and short term MLB commissioner Bart Giamatti (the guy who also banned Pete Rose for life).

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Before the 1978 MLB All Star Game, Pete Rose and the National League All-Star team psyched out the American Leaguers by using Japanese baseballs during batting practice. Smaller than regulation baseballs, they traveled farther making it easy for the NL to hit homer after homer.

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  1. For 20 years, a famously well-endowed stripper nicknamed "Morganna, the Kissing Bandit" rushed onto the field during MLB baseball games, wildly kissing players. Altogether, she kissed 37 Major League baseball players, from Cal Ripken Jr. to Nolan Ryan to Pete Rose, and was arrested 20 times.

  2. Baseball's all time hit leader, Pete Rose, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but not the baseball Hall of Fame.

  3. Pete Dawkins, a man who won the Heisman Trophy at West Point in the 50s, received a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford, fought in Vietnam and rose to the rank of Brigadier General, and now works as an executive on Wall Street

  4. Banned MLB player Pete Rose still makes $1 million a year from autographs and public appearances

  5. Pete Rose was given the nickname "Charlie Hustle" by Yankees pitcher Whitey Ford after Rose sprinted to first base after a walk during a Spring Training game.

  6. Japanese professional baseball player Ichiro Suzuki hold the MLB record for most hits in a single season with 262. If you add in his hits while playing in Japan, Ichiro is 2nd all-time hits leader behind Pete Rose.

  7. Airplane!' Producers Originally Wanted Pete Rose For Kareem Abdul-Jabba's Role Of Co-Pilot, Roger Murdock

  8. Actor Paul Giamatti's father was Bart Giamatti former commissioner of MLB (during the Pete Rose scandal) and a former president of Yale.

  9. The baseball hall of fame has artifacts from Pete Rose's career on display, even though Rose himself is ineligible to be inducted.

  10. MLB pitcher Jim Bouton wrote a memoir in 1970 that described publicly for the first time the drug use and womanizing that were commonplace among baseball players. Thereafter, whenever Bouton pitched against the Cincinnati Reds, Pete Rose would yell “Fuck you, Shakespeare!” at him from the dugout

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The producers of Airplane! originally wanted Pete Rose to play co-pilot Roger Murdoch but he wasn't available for filming in the summer.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's role in Airplane! was originally intended for Pete Rose. David Letterman also read for the part of Ted Striker. - source

If you were to count Ichiro's hits while he played Japanese Professional baseball with his MLB career, he would beat Pete Rose as the all time batter with number of hits. - source

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