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Baseball player Stan Musial demanded his pay check be cut by $20,000 after he had a subpar year in 1959.

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Stan Musial had 3630 hits over his 22 year MLB career; 1815 during home games and 1815 during away games

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  1. Joe Nuxhall is the youngest player to premiere in Major League Baseball in 1944. The Cincinnati Reds were so strapped for players due to WWII they had to call on 15 year old Nuxhall to pitch against Stan Musial and the first place St. Louis Cardinals.

  2. Baseball Legend Stan Musial Had 1,815 Hits At Home And 1,815 Hits On The Road

  3. The 1948 Donara Smog that killed 20 people in PA, including Stan Musial's father

  4. Donora, Pennsylvania, a town with a population of less than 5000 people has produced two Hall of Fame baseball players--Ken Griffey, Jr. and Stan Musial

  5. The recent recurrence of the fist bump was brought about by baseball player Stan Musial in the 1950s, who adopted it as a way to avoid picking up germs. Others claim the Wonder Twins from the 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Super Friends" were the originators.

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