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Randy Johnson is the oldest pitcher to pitch a perfect game and the only one who accidentally exploded a bird.

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5 time Cy Young award winner, World Series MVP, bird killing, Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson spends his retirement from baseball as the concert photographer for Rush.

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  1. When Randy Johnson hit a bird with a fastball 15 years ago, PETA tried to give him a hard time about it.

  2. A "no pitch" in baseball that is ruled to be not a ball, a strike or a balk. One of the most well-known examples of this is when Randy Johnson hit a bird with a pitch in 2001; the ball was ruled dead, as was the bird.

  3. Former major league pitcher Randy Johnson is now a professional photographer. The logo of his company is a tribute to the bird he hit while pitching in 2001.

  4. Former major league pitcher Randy Johnson is now a professional photographer. The logo of his company is a tribute to the bird he hit while pitching in 2001.

  5. Baseball player Randy Johnson now runs a photography studio and uses a dead bird as its logo (he killed a bird during a game pitching for Los Angeles)

  6. Members of the Denver Broncos Ring Of Fame, which was established in 1984 to honor members, include Floyd Little, Rich Jackson, Lionel Taylor, Austin Gonsoulin, Gerald H. Phipps, Bill Thompson, Frank Tripucka, Charley Johnson, Paul Smith, Randy Gradishar, Craig Morton, Haven Moses, Jim Turner, John Elway, Louis Wright, Tom Jackson, Karl Mecklenburg, Dennis Smith, Gene Mingo, Rick Upchurch, Dan Reeves, Ton Nalen, Rod Smith, Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, Steve Atwater, and Gary Zimmerman.

  7. When Ichiro Suzuki learned the Seattle Mariners were going to give him #51, the same number worn by pitching great Randy Johnson, he sent Johnson a personal message promising not to bring shame to the uniform

  8. ..On March 24, 2001, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson threw a fastball to Calvin Murrary of the San Francisco Giants during a spring training game that never reached the plate because it hit a bird mid-flight.

  9. Baseball legend Randy Johnson was a photographer for the band Rush.

  10. In 2001, Diamondbacks Pitcher Randy Johnson, vaporized a dove that flew between his pitch and the batter.

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Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson is also a photojournalist. His logo is a dead bird, in reference to a bird he killed by chance during a game.

MLB Hall of Famer Randy Johnson once hit a bird with a baseball during a game - source

About Koo Dae-Sung, a Mets relief pitcher, who during his first ever career at-bat hit a double against Hall-Of-Famer Randy Johnson and then managed to score from second base on a bunt. - source

Baseball Hall of Famer Randy Johnson once threw a “perfect” pitch that hit a dove and caused it to explode!

Nolan Ryan is MLB's all-time leader in strikeouts, at 5714. The next highest is Randy Johnson at 4875. - source

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