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5 time Cy Young award winner, World Series MVP, bird killing, Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson spends his retirement from baseball as the concert photographer for Rush.

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With 324 wins, 7 no-hitters, and 5,714 strikeouts, Nolan Ryan never won a Cy Young award.

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  1. Despite throwing 7 no-hitters (most all time), striking out 5,714 batters (also most all time), and winning over 300 games, former MLB pitcher Nolan Ryan never won a Cy Young Award

  2. Former baseball pitcher Mike Marshall almost retired early to pursue his PhD in kinesiology. He won the Cy Young award that season, recommended a then-radical surgery to a teammate that is used today, and eventually earned his PhD. That teammate was Tommy John.

  3. Cy Young has nearly 100 more victories than any other pitcher in Major League Baseball history.

  4. The Major League Baseball pitcher with the most loses was CY Young. He had 316 loses. He also won 511 games. The yearly award to the best pitcher is named in his honor.

  5. Denton True Young, one of baseball's all time great pitchers, threw "like a Cyclone" -- which is why we know him as "Cy" Young.

  6. About the "greatest college baseball game ever played". In 1981 future Cy Young winner Frank Viola pitched against future All-Star Ron Darling. Darling pitched an 11 inning no-hitter, and lost in 12th.

  7. Legendary MLB Pitcher Cy Young's real name was Denton True "Cy" Young.

  8. Nolan Ryan, regarded as one of the best pitchers in MLB history, has never won a Cy Young award for pitching excellence.

  9. The major league pitcher who holds the record for the most wins, Cy Young, also holds the record for most losses.

  10. Despite being the all-time leader in strikeouts by almost 1000 Ks (839), Nolan Ryan has never won a Cy Young Award and has only finished in the top 3 three times.

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cy young fact data chart about Jacob deGrom is just the 17th pitcher in MLB history to win
Jacob deGrom is just the 17th pitcher in MLB history to win the Cy Young on a losing team

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