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The lowest attendance for a Major League Baseball game was April 29, 2015, when zero fans saw the Chicago White Sox play the Baltimore Orioles. Due to civil unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, there was insufficient security available and no fans were allowed in.

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Jackie Jackson, eldest brother of the Jackson 5, was drafted by the Chicago White Sox but decided to stay in music

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  1. An illegally corked bat was confiscated during the 1st inning of a 1994 Indians vs White Sox game and stored in the umpire's room for later examination. A teammate crawled 30 feet through the stadium ductwork and swapped out the bat, and an investigation led by a former FBI agent ensued.

  2. Bob Feller pitched a game against the White Sox on Mother's Day 1939 with his family in attendance. One of his pitches was fouled off into the seats, into the face of his own mother right above the right eye, resulting in her needing seven stitches. Feller went on to win the game.

  3. A radio station promotion at a Chicago White Sox doubleheader in 1979 went awry and would be known as Disco Demolition. Records were blown to bits, fans stormed the field, and the second baseball game was canceled due to the rowdy behavior of participants.

  4. In 1981, the Chicago White Sox ran a fan-contest to design new uniforms, and the contest was won by a Braves fan living in Ohio who never even watched a White Sox game.

  5. In 1979, the White Sox held an anti-disco promotion. At Disco Demolition Night, fans who brought disco records to be destroyed in center field got in for $1. Explosions and a riot ensued.

  6. In 1976, the Chicago White Sox uniforms were short pants and big disco collars on the shirts.

  7. The Black Sox Scandal, in which eight members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of intentionally losing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from the Jewish mob. The scandal led to the appointment of the first Commissioner of Baseball.

  8. Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf's first job out of law school was a tax delinquency case for Bill Veeck, who was the owner of the White Sox before Reinsdorf.

  9. From 2006-2009, the Chicago White Sox Started All of Their Home Games at 7:11PM, Due to a Sponsorship With the Convenience Store 7-11.

  10. The Boston Red Sox had to cancel Big Papi Bobblehead night because the bobbleheads were "unacceptable to the club and not appropriate for distribution," because they arrived with completely white lips making them appear offensive.

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There has only been one Latino manager of a World Series winner. Ozzie Guillén in 2005 with the Chicago White Sox.

Bo Jackson used to ride his Harley into the White Sox Stadium before games and would park it by the dugout - source

In 1990 Andy Hawkins threw a No-Hitter for the New York Yankees against the Chicago White Sox and still lost the game 4-0 - source

After Michael Jordan's first retirement, he signed an MiLB contract with the Chicago White Sox. After quitting due to that year's strike, he announced his midseason return to the NBA with a two-word press release: "I'm back". The Bulls, reenergized by his comeback, made that season's playoffs.

There is a White Sox pitcher from the 1920s whose official ERA is "Infinite." - source

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In 1979 Disco Demolition Night drew an estimated crowd of 50000 at Comiskey Park, which included the late Michael Clarke Duncan. He recollected that he slid into 3rd base and stole a bat from the dugout. The damage done caused the White Sox to forfeit their next game.

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In the names of the MLB teams 'White Sox' and 'Red Sox', the word 'sox' is not an abbreviation for 'socks', but instead, is actually a shortening of the word 'stockings', which was the full word used in the teams' original names.

Todd Frazier of the Chicago White Sox, played for Toms River, NJ in the 1998 Little League World Series at age 12. He began the game at shortstop, went 4-4 with a home run, and was the winning pitcher and recorded the game-winning strikeout that secured a 12-9 win and the world championship.

The White Sox baseball team learned a form of guided meditation called The Silva Method and improved their overall game.

The reason the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox are spelled differently is a result of the teams being formed during a broad movement to simplify English spelling during the early 1900's. The movement was spearheaded by Noah Webster almost a century earlier.

White Sox musical director Joe Stephen took a dig at opposing pitcher Chuck Finley's divorce by playing "Here I Go Again" before a game, a reference to Finley's wife's appearance in Whitesnake videos and her previous marriage to their lead singer.The White Sox later apologized and fired Stephen.

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The first woman ever drafted to a MLB team was Carey Schueler by the Chicago White Sox in 1993.

Illinois house speaker Michael Madigan kept the White Sox in Chicago by stopping the clock before midnight on 06/30/88, giving the house more time to vote on building a new stadium.

This is the anniversary of "Disco Demolition Night" in Chicago 1979, when thousands of disco albums were destroyed at a White Sox game!

John Hughes (White Sox fan) originally wanted to film Ferris Bueller's caught foul ball at Comiskey Park, but didn't because the White Sox were out of town

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The Chicago White Sox were the first major league baseball team to wear shorts as a part of their uniforms in 1976 - and are considered to be the ugliest uniforms ever worn.

The event that is known for ending disco was disco demolition night. During a White Sox- Tigers double header, a crate of disco records was exploded and riots broke out on the field.

Former Chicago White Sox pitcher Moe Berg was sent to Switzerland in 1944 to shoot Warner Heisenberg in the head with a pistol at a lecture he was giving but didn't because he determined that Germany was not close to having a bomb.

Jerry Dybzinski's baserunning error in game four of the 1983 American League Championship Series ultimately cost the Chicago White Sox both the game and the series.

Disco was officially "demolished" at a promotional event held by a Chicago radio station at a White Sox game.

Former White Sox OF Carlos May, who was born on May 17 and wore the number 17, is believed to be the only professional athlete to wear his birthday on his uniform.

In 1979, Chicago was so sick of disco music that the White Sox held an event known as "Disco Demolition Night", asking their fans to bring all the disco memorabilia they can, to be destroyed.

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