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About Ten Cent Beer Night, a MLB promotion on June, 4, 1974, between the Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers, at Cleveland Stadium, leading to a riot between the teams and fans. Cleveland’s manager sent his team on to the field, with bats, in order to protect the Texas team from drunken fans.

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The the Cleveland Indians once had a $0.10 Beer Night. Cleveland had to forfeit the game when their drunk fans started a riot during the 9th inning. Players had to attack fans with baseball bats to protect themselves.

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  1. On August 24, 1919: Ray Caldwell who was pitching for the Cleveland Indians was struck by lightning after playing for 8 2/3 innings, got up from the ground, checked himself, finished pitching to get the last out and they won 2-1 over the Athletics

  2. The Cleveland Indians did a ten cent beer night which Resulted in on field flashers, streakers and mooners, fireworks tossed in the opposing teams bullpin. And when a fan tried to grab the hat off of an outfielder ended in a full on riot where the Indians had to forfeit the game.

  3. In 1974, the Cleveland Indians (a Major League Baseball Team), hosted a "Ten Cent Beer Night", without a limit to the number of purchases. A beer-fueled riot in the ninth inning forced the game to be forfeited, and victory given to the visiting team, the Texas Rangers.

  4. The Cleveland Indians got their nickname from one of their most beloved players, Louis Sockalexis -- the first Native American to play baseball in the National League

  5. Jim Abbot was a professional baseball player who was born without a right hand. He even pitched a no-hitter for the Yankess against the Cleveland Indians in 1993.

  6. Larry Doby was signed by the Cleveland Indians to become the first black baseball player in the American League. He joined the same year as Jackie Robinson. He helped integrate all the AL ballparks Jackie never appeared. He faced the same discrimination but didn't get the same praise or support.

  7. Jackie Robinson, another African American baseball talent broke through the color-barrier in Major League Baseball, making it possible for Satchel Paige to try out for the Cleveland Indians.

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Before he played a single game for the Cleveland Indians, Harry Chiti was acquired by the New York Mets for a player to be named later. However, he was sent back to the Indians after 15 games and a .195 batting average, thus becoming the first player ever to be traded for himself.

In 1994, the Cleveland Indians had a player climb through the ceiling and into the umpires' room in order to retrieve Albert Belle's corked bat. - source

Ray Chapman of the Cleveland Indians was the only professional baseball player to die from getting hit in the head by a pitch - source

Ray Caldwell, a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians who in 1919, was struck by lightning in the bottom of ninth with two outs and knocked unconscious. After regaining consciousness, Caldwell continued to pitch and got the final out

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Cleveland Indians decided on a "10cents" beer night. Which resulted in rioting and utter chaos.

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Satchel Paige pitched for the Cleveland Indians for one and a half seasons.

In 1920 during a MLB game, Cleveland Indians player Ray Chapman was accidently killed by a pitch from Yankees' Carl Mays.

The Cleveland Indians once hosted "Ten Cent Beer Night" as a promotion to attract people to the stadium. The resulting drunkenness culminated in a riot which forced the forfeiture of the game.

Cleveland Indians have the longest MLB championship drought at 68 years

In 1919 Ray Caldwell was the starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians against the Philadelphia A's. After 8 2/3 innings he was winning 2-1 and on the mound when struck by lightening. He recovered in about 5 minutes and pitched the last out to win the game.

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Another African American baseball player, Larry Doby, was signed by the Cleveland Indians to become the first black player in the American League. He joined the same year as the more well-known Jackie Robinson.

The Cleveland Indians retired number 455 honored toward the fans, after they had sold out 455 games in a row.

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The Cleveland Indians are named in honor of the 1st American Indian to play in the Major Leagues - Louis Francis Sockalexis player for Cleveland in 1890's.

For over two decades, Blue Jays broadcaster Jerry Howarth has made an emphatic point by not calling Atlanta the "Braves" or Cleveland the "Indians"

Tito Francona, father of Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona, hit a homerun that lead to the discovery of a dead body.

George Steinbrenner had a handshake agreement to buy the Cleveland Indians in 1971. The Indians owner's father called George and cancelled the agreement. Thirteen months later, Steinbrenner bought the New York Yankees.

The Cleveland Indians were so excited to get star Napoleon Lajoie in 1902 that they named the team "the Naps" after him for 11 years.

The Cleveland Indians minor league affiliate gave away free liposuction at a game.

In 2001, the Cleveland Indians overcame a 12 run deficit to beat the Seattle Mariners in extra innings.

About the Cleveland Indians “ten cent beer night” incident of 1974, which escalated into a full blown riot that ended the game.

In 1974 the Cleveland Indians had a .10 cent beer night that turned into a total riot.

In the summer of 1974, The Cleveland Indians had a 10-cent beer night and things got a tad out of hand

The Cleveland Indians team phone number is 216-420-HITS

A bass drum has been a season ticket holder with the Cleveland Indians for 5 years and counting

In 1992 long time Toronto Blue Jays play-by-play announcer Jerry Howarth stopped using terms offensive to First Nation people. He does not refer to the mascots of the Cleveland "Indians" or Atlanta "Braves", nor does he say things like "a powwow on the mound".

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