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In 1890 the Pittsburgh Pirates were named the Pittsburgh Innocents, until they signed Lou Bierbauer away from the Philadelphia Athletics. Athletics fans claimed that by stealing their star player away from them Pittsburgh were "piratical" , and the name stuck.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates were originally the Pittsburgh Innocents, until 1891 when it signed Lou Bierbauer. Fans of his old club, the Philadelphia Athletics dubbed them Pirates because they "pirated" the star player away from them, and it stuck.

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  1. Connie Mack managed MLBs Philadelphia Athletics for 50 years, 1901-1950. He wore a Suit for every game, and thus was not allowed on the field.

  2. The Philadelphia Flyers have more NHL cover athletes than any other team

  3. Connie Mack managed and at least part-owned the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901, retiring as manager in 1950 aged 87 and owner in 1954 aged 91. He holds the Major League Baseball records for wins (3731), losses (3948), and games managed (7755).

  4. Due to WWII, there was a shortage of able-bodied male athletes, so the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers briefly joined together to form the Steagles!

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