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When American troops were asking 'American' trivial questions to flush out German infiltrators in WWII, that American brigadier general Bruce Clarke was held at gunpoint for five hours after he said the Chicago Cubs were in the American League

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The Chicago Cubs were the first baseball team to win back-to-back World Series; and haven't won since

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  1. Parks & Recreation successfully predicted the Chicago Cubs to win the 2016 World Series in one of their episodes that aired in 2015.

  2. Hall of fame Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray was estimated to have drank 73,000 Budweisers during his lifetime.

  3. Since 1914, rooftops of residential buildings near Wrigley Field have had seating available to watch the Chicago Cubs play baseball. In 2002, the Cubs began legal proceedings against some of those homeowners, asserting that they were illegally using a copyrighted game, and sued for royalties.

  4. In the 1989 film *Back to the Future Part II" screenwriter Bob Gale wanted the future to seem as improbable as possible, so the long time baseball fan has the Chicago Cubs as the 2015 World Series Champions!...The Cubs who haven't won the World Series in 107 years have 7/1 odds to win it all.

  5. The Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves are the two oldest teams in major league baseball, both having been founded the same year as the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

  6. All Chicago Cubs playoff games are scheduled at 7:08pm or 19:08 in military time, and this is because 1908 was the last year the Cubs won the world series.

  7. Cancer survivor Anthony Rizzo (Cubs) is one of the most charitable athletes on the planet, constantly giving his time and money to better the community. He is donating half his 7M salary (3.5M) to Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. His foundation has donated in total over 4M to Lurie's.

  8. on May 30, 1922, the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs traded two players between games of a double header. Both players played for each team that day.

  9. An estimated 5 million people gathered in Chicago to celebrate the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series, the largest gathering of people in history outside of Asia.

  10. In 1925, Rabbit Maranville, manager of the Chicago Cubs, went out in the street in front of Brooklyn's Ebbets Field and mimicked a newsboy hawking papers, crying out "Read all about it! Maranville fired!" He was fired the next day.

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The Chicago Cubs "curse" is attributed to a bar owner who said "Them Cubs, they ain't gonna win no more" after he was kicked out of Wrigley Field due to complaints over his smelly pet goat

The Chicago Cubs have employed pitchers with 4, 5, and 6 fingers on their pitching hand. - source

After the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016, the Cubs awarded a Championship ring to Steve Bartman, the man behind the infamous “Bartman Incident.” - source

Wrigley Field, Chicago was the last baseball stadium to get floodlights. The Cubs first night game was on August 8, 1988. Every other MLB baseball team had hosted night games since 1935. - source

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The Chicago Cubs Had been cursed to never make it to the world series 70 years ago by the owner of a billy goat who was forced to leave Wrigley field because his goat stank.

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The Ottoman Empire still existed the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

The Chicago Cubs used to be the Chicago Orphans

The Chicago Cubs were named the Chicago Orphans from 1898-1902.

The Chicago Cubs hold the record for highest win percentage (.763) of any team in baseball despite having not won the World Series in 106 years.

The Chicago Cubs were originally a known as the "Chicago Orphans."

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The Chicago Cubs were once called the Chicago Orphans

There are two ballparks in major league baseball over 100 years old: Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs) and Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)

Wrigley Field used to belong to the Chicago Whales, who have won a championship more recently than the Cubs.

When the 2017 Chicago Cubs were giving their championship rings that there was an underlying clause. The recipients that receive the rings were not be able to sell the rings for profit, in fact the team has reserved the right to buy the ring back for $1.

Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs play, is not the original "Wrigley Field". The original was in Los Angeles.

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Harry Carry, beloved Chicago Cubs announcer died on this date and is directly responsible for the seventh-inning stretch theatrics still practiced at Wrigley Field today and infamously known for his homerun call of "It might be ... it could be ... it IS! A home run! Holy cow!"

At Chicago's Wrigley Field, if the Visitors hit a homer into the bleachers, Cubs fans throw the ball back - onto the field!

Ronald Reagan was a radio broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs during the 1930s.

Merkle's Boner, an incident from 1908 in which rookie baseball player Fred Merkle of the New York Giants failed to advance to second base on what should have been a game-winning hit. This would lead to the Giants losing the National League pennant to the Chicago Cubs.

The Chicago Cubs trained on Catalina Island from 1921-1951, with the exception of ‘42-45.

Former Chicago Cub Moises Alou used to urinate on his hands before games to toughen them up

Current Chicago Cubs GM Theo Epstein resigned from the Red Sox in 2005, and walked out of Fenway Park in a gorilla costume. It was Halloween, and he didn't want to get mobbed by fans and media.

Jeff Gordon sand the 7th inning stretch at a Chicago Cubs game and got booed.

Theo Epstein (GM of Chicago Cubs) is the grandson of the screenwriter for "Casablanca"

There is a minor dispute whether the Atlanta Braves or the Chicago Cubs are the oldest baseball team. The Boston Red Stockings (Braves) were founded in 1871, and the Chicago White Stockings (Cubs) in 1870, but Chicago didn't field a team for two seasons due to the Great Chicago Fire.

In the 1989 movie "Back To The Future Part 2" the Chicago Cubs won the 2015 world series. As of last night they are one game away from going to the 2015 world series.

The Chicago Cubs got their name from a newspaper article in 1902. Prior to that they were called the white stockings, colts, and orphans.

On August 25, 1922, the highest-scoring game in major-league history took place: the Chicago Cubs defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 26–23, a total of 49 runs.

After Steve Bartman's infamous foul ball interference that helped cost the Chicago Cubs the National League pennant in 2003, the Governor of Florida offered Bartman asylum, promising to "expedite safe passage". The Cubs were playing the Miami Marlins, who went on to win the World Series.

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