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There is a company that drills for oil based on predictions consistent with Biblical Flood Geology.... and It Hasn't Found Any Oil.... I introduce to you, Zion Oil Corp

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Petroleum Jelly was first discovered when a chemist visiting an oil rig noticed that the workers would smear the wax that built up on the drills and rigs on their wounds to heal them faster. He figured out how to refine it and started selling it under the name Vaseline.

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  1. The U.S was going to detonate 3 nuclear warheads to to drill for oil, which could have detonated 300 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. It was luckily stopped by the community of Sublette County due to the high risks to the wellbeing of the community and the environment.

  2. The Lake Peigneur disaster in which an oil drill in a lake accidentally struck a salt mine, causing the entire lake to drain into the mine taking barges and an entire island with it.

  3. Despite sanctions, ExxonMobil has been (and still is) drilling and producing oil in Russia via a loophole that has since been closed.

  4. About the lake peigne urban disaster in Louisiana, in which an oil drill broke through into a salt mine and caused a whirlpool that swallowed the whole lake and part of an island

  5. A British company secretly funded Congolese rebel groups in order to open a UNESCO world heritage site to oil drilling.

  6. Great Britain hired 42 Texans in WWII to drill oil in Sherwood Forest to power their military effort

  7. A small miscalculation and a 14 inch oil drill bit caused a Salt mine to collapse, a lake to reverse direction and created Louisiana's largest waterfall yet not a single person died.

  8. In 1980, an oil drilling rig in Louisiana tapped into a salt mine and suddenly drained a 1,300 acre lake!

  9. In 1980 an oil drilling company misinterpreted the coordinate referance system causing it to puncture the salt mine below it and draining the entire Lake Peigneur into it.

  10. From 1996, Peter Von Tiesenhausen claimed his land as a peice of art to prevent companies from drilling for oil. He charges $500 an hour to meet with company bosses.

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The Lake Peigneur drilling incident. 65 acres of land and 11 barges were swallowed by a whirlpool created when an oil rig drilled into a salt mine.

The Ocean Ranger disaster in which an oil drilling rig capsized off Newfoundland due to rough seas, one or more rogue waves, and untrained personnel. 84 died when their lifeboats were smashed after launch and 3 salvage divers were killed attempting to refloat and sink the rig in deeper waters - source

Lake Peigneur completely drained into a salt mine after an oil drilling crew accidentally drilled a hole into the mine. The resulting whirlpool sucked heavy duty barges underwater, caused a canal to reverse direction, and temporarily created the largest waterfall in Louisiana. - source

The world's first oil well was drilled in 1859 in Titusville, Pennsylvania by Edwin Drake.

Beverly Hills was a lima bean farm named Hammel and Denker Ranch before a company bought the farm to drill for oil. When enough oil wasn't found, they renamed it to Beverly Hills and starting selling off lots. - source

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When pledges were being made to stop oil drilling in the park after the 2007 Yasuni-ITT Initiative was launched several celebrities and public figures pledged support including Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore, Edward Norton, and Michael Charles Tobias.

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It is believed that the Greenland Sea may hold large deposits of natural gas and oil but drilling in such a hostile environment could prove to have disastrous environmental consequences if it moves forward. Exploratory drills are set to begin in the mid-2020s.

Edwin Drake was the first person ever to consider drilling for oil instead of collecting if from the surface. He never made much money because he never filed for any patents for his drilling invention that was copied by everyone else.

The U.S. only gets 12.9% of its total oil provisions from the Persian Gulf. Almost 40% of the U.S.'s oil comes from domestic drilling in the U.S.A. itself.

Zion Oil, an oil firm that chooses its drilling sites based on clues from the bible! Predictably, they've never found oil, the CEO has been ousted and they're under investigation by the SEC.

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There are four artificial islands built to tap into oil in the San Pedro Bay, just off the coast from Long Beach, CA. The oil refineries have facades that look like buildings to hid the drilling equipment.

The Middle East oil reserves were discovered just before William D'Arcy went bankrupt: his last orders were "drill (final well) to 1600ft and stop". At 4AM, at 1200ft, they struck oil.

There were serious plans to use atomic weapons to "drill" for oil in Canada.

In 1980, a Texaco oil rig accidentally drilled into a massive salt mine under a louisianan lake. Due to a miscalculation, the 36cm drill bit entered the mine, starting a chain of events including sucking down 11 barges like they were rubber duckies.

Prior to the 1990 invasion, Iraq demanded 10 billion dollars as compensation for lost oil revenue due to alleged illicit drilling by Kuwait. Kuwait offered 9 billion as a counteroffer, Iraq declined and invaded ultimately losing up to 35,000 troops to coalition forces

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In 1973 the CIA built a ship to raise a sunken Soviet submarine disguised as an oil well drill ship.

In 2011 a Russian oil drilling rig sank in the Sea of Okhotsk, with 67 people aboard. 14 were rescued by an icebreaker and a tugboat.

Canada has drilled 142 Offshore Arctic Oil Wells since 1970 without a single spill.

The average oil drilling depth in the US has more than doubled since the 1950’s as demand has continued to increase

Venice Beach California was once covered with oil drilling derricks

Potato starch is used in oil drilling. The starch reduces fluid loss in the "drilling mud", a liquid which is pumped into the hole to clean and cool the drill bit, flush to the surface the drill bit cuttings and suspend the drill cuttings while drilling is paused.

A BP employee named the Macondo Prospect after a cursed fictitious town. A well blowout from Macondo would later kill 11 drilling rig workers and spill 210 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico

The deepest hole on earth is deeper than the Marianas Trench. It wasn't drilled for oil, but for science

Lakeview Gusher" was the name given in 1910 to an out-of-control eruption of oil from a drilled well in Kern County, California. It created the largest accidental oil spill in history, spewing for 544 consecutive days, and releasing 9 million barrels (1.4 million cu. meters) of crude oil.

In 1980 an 1,100 acre lake in Louisiana was accidentally drained due to an oil drilling miscalculation by Texaco Oil. The drill punctured the roof of a salt-mine, creating a hole for the water to drain through. The accident resulted in it being turned from a freshwater to a saltwater lake.

Natural gas is a by product of oil drilling. Offshore oil rigs before the 90's would burn off the gas, but then engineers figured out how to use jet engines from aircraft as power generation modules.

The U.S. Navy drilled for oil in Prudoe Bay Alaska before the oil companies did.

There has been active oil drilling and production in the Florida Everglades since the early 1940s

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