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There are least 17 offshore oil platforms and natural gas platforms in the Irish Sea.

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The largest offshore oilfield, Safaniya Oil Field, is located in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

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  1. World's first offshore oil platform is a floating city in the Caspian Sea. Built on top of sunk ships, 2000 people live and work there.

  2. Offshore oil rigs, after a period of time, have coral reefs grow and thrive on their legs.

  3. Canada has drilled 142 Offshore Arctic Oil Wells since 1970 without a single spill.

  4. Natural gas is a by product of oil drilling. Offshore oil rigs before the 90's would burn off the gas, but then engineers figured out how to use jet engines from aircraft as power generation modules.

  5. You know those container ships? TIL there is a 'dual hull' ship about that length that ferries around offshore oiling platforms

  6. While the Beijing headquarters building of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation is meant to evoke the prow of an oil tanker, locals thought it looked like a giant toilet bowl.

  7. The Taylor Offshore Oil Spill. An oil spill that has been active for 15 years. It is about to overtake Deepwater Horizon as the largest oil spill in history and nobody has heard of it. The best part is, they don't know how to fix it.

  8. Norway's economy is underwritten by the world's largest sovereign wealth fund that is 3x its GDP and is funded by its vast offshore oil reserves

  9. The US Oil Pollution Act caps the amount of money oil companies have to pay in restitution for disasters. This can be as little as $75 million for an offshore disaster.

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