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Scientists have no clue how a species of seals found in Lake Baikal and the Caspian Sea originated, as these are landlocked waters hundreds of miles away from the closest ocean.

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There is a city in the Caspian sea built ontop of sunken oil tankers.

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  1. The Lun Ekranoplan was a 380 ton Russian superplane designed to fly low over water at high speeds to destroy aircraft carriers. CIA analysts called it the Caspian Sea Monster.

  2. The KM Caspian Sea Monster. A Soviet era “airplane” that flew 20 feet above the Caspian Sea using ground effect, had a max takeoff weight of 544 tons, and could reach speeds in excess of 300mph. It was intended for use by the military and rescue teams and to even replace cargo airplanes.

  3. In medieval Europe, the "Seven Seas" phrase referred to the Adriatic, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Arabian and the Red Seas. Over time other cultures also used the term for various bodies of water. Now it refers to the seven oceans.

  4. Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country, and despite being landlocked, there is a Kazakh navy, which is based on the Caspian Sea

  5. The Caspian Sea is actually a lake, and is so large it accounts for 44% of the world's lake water.

  6. With a salt concentration of more than 33% it is one of the saltiest water bodies on earth. The Caspian Sea's Lagoon Garabogazkol, and Antarctica's Lake and are saltier at 35%, while Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys is 44% salinity.

  7. There exists a ground effect aircraft known as an Ekranoplan called the "Caspian Sea Monster". It can hold 50% more cargo and travels 300 mph while burning only 50% of the fuel of a conventional cargo plane.

  8. The Caspian Sea is named that not only because of the salt, but the fact it's crust is oceanic instead of continental. It was a part of the oceans 11m years ago.

  9. The Caspian sea can be considered a lake.

  10. World's first offshore oil platform is a floating city in the Caspian Sea. Built on top of sunk ships, 2000 people live and work there.

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Genghis Khan and his relatives slaughtered so many men and fathered so many children that 1 in 200 men alive today share his Y chromosome, as do 8% of men between the Caspian Sea and Pacific Ocean

The Caspian Sea Monster: a top secret Soviet ship/aircraft hybrid known as an Ekranoplan that CIA analysts first saw in satellite photos of the Caspian Sea, giving rise to the name, and which is still visible on Google Earth. - source

The Soviets Built a 500 ton Ground Effect Craft that could Fly at 400mph over the Caspian Sea, nicked-named the "Caspian Sea Monster". - source

The Unified Deep Water System of European Russia is a navigable series of waterways & canals connecting the Caspian, Black, Baltic & White (Arctic) Seas with Moscow and the Volga River

King Mu of Zhou took a ride with his eight precious horses and travelled thousands of miles to the Kunlun Mountains. According to modern scholars, his Western tour should be somewhere between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, which is the earliest historical record between China and the West - source

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Neft Daşları, a community built on oil platforms out on the Caspian Sea.

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The Caspian Sea Monster. A Cold War plane/boat behemoth!

In 2014 Tasmanian Shipbuilder Incat built a 70m Catamaran and delivered it to the Landlocked Caspian Sea.

Waves on the Caspian Sea can reach 32 feet in height during winter storms. It has a maximum depth of 3,360 feet.

The Caspian Sea should probably be considered the largest lake in the world. The countries’ vote surrounding the sea determined that if it were considered a lake, major players would lose a stake at its’ resources.

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In 2010, three nations held a conference in which they tried and failed to agree on whether the Caspian Sea was or was not a lake. The disagreement has significant financial consequences owing to the natural resources under the Caspian that would be split evenly if it were deemed a lake.

The Caspian Sea the world largest enclosed inland water body has 3.5 more times water by volume than all five of the Great Lakes

how fishers use cage culture method for fishing - Wonderful Sea Fish Farming in Caspian Sea

The largest city below sea level and the lowest lying capital in the world is Baku, a city on the coast of the Caspian sea.

Turks call the Caspian Sea the "Khazar Sea" in reference to the Kingdom of Khazars established around the Caspian Sea in 7th century

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