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In 1980 after a simple miscalculation, a drilling company accidentally punctured the roof of a salt mine on Lake Peigneur, draining 2.5 million gallons in less than 3 hours. The whirlpool was so strong it sucked barges to the bottom and reversed the Gulf of Mexico.

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In 1980, oil drillers in Lake Peigneur, Louisiana accidentally poked a 14-inch hole in an active underground salt mine, which drained the entire 2.5 billion gallon lake. Incredibly, there were no fatalities.

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  1. The Lake Peigneur disaster in which an oil drill in a lake accidentally struck a salt mine, causing the entire lake to drain into the mine taking barges and an entire island with it.

  2. In 1980 an oil drilling company misinterpreted the coordinate referance system causing it to puncture the salt mine below it and draining the entire Lake Peigneur into it.

  3. The Lake Peigneur drilling incident. 65 acres of land and 11 barges were swallowed by a whirlpool created when an oil rig drilled into a salt mine.

  4. Lake Peigneur completely drained into a salt mine after an oil drilling crew accidentally drilled a hole into the mine. The resulting whirlpool sucked heavy duty barges underwater, caused a canal to reverse direction, and temporarily created the largest waterfall in Louisiana.

  5. That, within just a week, the tallest waterfall ever (164 feet )in the state of Louisiana, a 400-foot geysers and a salt water lake was formed by a drilling accident occurred at Lake Peigneur.

  6. Due to an engineering miscalculation, Lake Peigneur in Louisiana got drained through a sinkhole, thereby changing the whole ecosystem around it

  7. Due to an engineering miscalculation(aka disaster), Lake Peigneur in Louisiana got drained though a sinkhole, thereby changing the whole ecosystem around it.

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