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Cost for solar has decreased from $101.05 per watt in 1975 to $0.447 per watt in August of 2016. The cheapest bid for unsubsidized solar is 2.42¢/kWh—cheaper per kWh than natural gas, coal, or nuclear power can provide practically anywhere in the world.

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The Han dynasty of China drilled for natural gas, transported it in pipelines and gas containers and burned it in stoves ... in 200 BC

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  1. The US solar industry employs twice the amount of workers than that of coal, oil, and natural gas combined

  2. There was a nuclear worker which triggered radiation alarms when he came to work, despite being checked that he was "clean" before leaving. It turned out that his house was on top of a natural source of radon gas.

  3. Natural gas has no smell. Gas companies are required to add a chemical called mercaptin as a safety precaution, so people know the smell and can identify a leak.

  4. The “Door to Hell” in Turkmenistan is a natural gas field that collapsed into an underground cavern in 1971, becoming a natural gas crater. Wanting to prevent spread of methane gas, Geologists set it on fire expecting it to burn out in a few weeks- It has instead continued to burn for >4 decades

  5. To put the roof on giant natural gas silos, they build the silo around the roof with an airtight fit, then use fans to slowly raise the roof up to the top

  6. Turkmenistan possesses the world's fourth largest reserves of natural gas resources. Since 1993, citizens have received government-provided electricity, water and natural gas free of charge.

  7. The ancient Chinese used natural gas for lighting purposes around 500 B.C., using bamboo pipelines to transport the gas for miles.

  8. If you smell a natural gas leak, that you should not turn off a light switch as it creates a spark

  9. Turkey Vultures were used by natural gas companies to pinpoint pipeline leaks. Natural gas is odorless, so gas companies add the chemical ethyl mercaptan so that people can smell gas leaks. Ethyl mercaptan is emitted by putrefying animal carcasses. So leaks in gas pipelines attract vultures.

  10. The "Gates of Hell" in Turkministan. In 1971, a Soviet drilling rig accidently punctured an underground natural gas cavern. To head off a environmental catastrophe, the Soviets set the gas on fire. The crater has been burning continuously for 47 years since.

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natural gas fact data chart about Natural Gas has Surpassed Coal as US's Leading Source of Ele
Natural Gas has Surpassed Coal as US's Leading Source of Electricity

natural gas fact data chart about Portion of Each Country's Total Electricity Production in 20
Portion of Each Country's Total Electricity Production in 2014 from Natural Gas (Source: World Bank)

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The CIA suspected the KGB of stealing pipeline software, so they allegedly created a "logic bomb" which resulted in the explosion of a Russian natural gas pipeline equal to 3 kilotons of TNT.

The U.S was going to detonate 3 nuclear warheads to to drill for oil, which could have detonated 300 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. It was luckily stopped by the community of Sublette County due to the high risks to the wellbeing of the community and the environment. - source

The government of Turkmenistan provides their citizens free power, water, electricity, natural gas and 120 litres of fuel per month to car owners, and will continue to do so until the year 2030 - source

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Titan, largest of the Saturn’s moons, has oceans of liquid natural gas flowing on its surface and its fuel reserves are so large that they could act as our energy source for thousands of years

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Scientists lit a hole filled with natural gas on fire in 1971, thinking it would burn for only a few days. The hole has been burning for the past 46 years and is called "The Door to Hell"

The Eternal Flame Falls, in Chestnut Ridge, NY. A naturally occurring gas seep feeds a flame in the heart of the waterfall

Turkey Vultures have been & sometimes are still used to detect natural gas leaks from pipelines; the odor that gas companies add to gas (so we can detect it since it's odorless) is the same as rotting flesh, which leads the vultures to congregate in the sky in the area of the leak.

The Troll A Platform, a natural gas platform in the middle of the Troll Gas Field off the coast of Norway, is the tallest and heaviest structure ever moved to another position, relative to the surface of the Earth, and is among the largest and most complex engineering projects in history.

A 2014 study found that mothers living within 10 miles of a natural gas fracking site were 30% more likely to have babies with congenital heart defects than those without.

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natural gas fact infographic about Top natural gas producers in the world in 2019

Top natural gas producers in the world in 2019

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Durian, a fruit that smells like natural gas, is an instant energizer.Because of their high carbohydrate content, durians can help replenish low energy levels quickly. The fruit’s high potassium content can also help reduce fatigue and relieve mental stress and anxiety.

Natural gas is naturally odorless. The "rotten egg" smell is added for safety to help you detect gas leaks.

Pure methane is odorless. The smell associated with natural gas is added for safety in case of leaks.

Methane Hydrate, a new and completely untapped reservoir of fossil fuel exists in huge amounts in the deep sea. Is estimated that there could be more potential fossil fuel contained in the methane hydrates than in all classic coal, oil and natural gas reserves combined.

The price of natural gas in Texas is so low that companies will pay you to take it. [They burn off the excess into the atmosphere.]

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The huge Lake Kivu is one of three lakes known to have limnic eruptions, natural disasters that create CO2 gas clouds that wipe out life in the area. It takes place every 1000 years or so and 2 million people now live in the vicinity.

Raw natural gas is completely odorless. The nasty smell we associate with gas today was manually added following the explosion of a school in New London, Texas in 1937 due to an undetected gas leak in the basement. The explosion killed nearly 300 children.

Naturally occurring fluorine gas was recently discovered near fluorite mines in Germany.

The major sources of energy on earth are the remains of dead plants and animals - which obtained their energy from plants that grew through photosynthesis. Coal, oil, and natural gas are all examples of energy sources that began millions of years ago as a result of photosynthesis and the food chain.

Some gases are very flammable such as natural gas or propane.

There is a "Door to Hell" in Turkmenistan - an area with rich natural gas deposits that has been burning since Soviet petroleum engineers lit it in 1971

Australia's natural resources include coal, iron ore, copper, tin, gold, silver, uranium, nickel, zinc, diamonds and natural gas.

Barbecuing involves cooking food over a grill, heated by charcoal or wood or gas such as propane or natural gas.

It is common to find natural gas in sandstone because sandstone is porous and traps it.

Venezuela has one of the world's largest natural gas reserves.

Naturally occurring radon gas in our homes kills more people than home fires, drowning, falls or drunk driving.

There are least 17 offshore oil platforms and natural gas platforms in the Irish Sea.

The U.S. govt. once used nuclear bombs as a fracking method for unlocking deposits of natural gas as part of Project Plowshare.

In 1971, Soviet engineers began drilling for natural gas in Turkmenistan. After an accident, engineers feared the release of poisonous gases so they decided to burn it off. They thought the gas would burn out within a few weeks, but it continues to burn to this day.

A failed 1970s natural gas operation in Turkmenistan was set alight to prevent the buildup of suffocating gasses in the area and it's still burning 40 years later

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