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The CIA's own inspector general reported that the Reagan administration thwarted federal investigations into drug crimes.

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The first female doctor in Britain spent 56 years disguised as Dr. James Barry; a male Royal British Army surgeon. She was the first person to perform a successful C-section in British history and her true identity was only discovered after she rose to the rank of “Inspector General.”

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  1. In 1778 General Washington recommended that Friedrich be appointed Inspector General of the Army, which Congress approved.

  2. Friedrich was appointed the temporary Inspector General by Washington, and soon established standards for camp layouts and sanitary practices.

  3. In 1798 Alexander Hamilton became second in command in the U.S. Army as inspector general. He did not see battle this time because of the peace agreement between France and America.

  4. Franz Ferdinand never ascended to the throne but was inspector general of all the armed forces of Austria-Hungary, which included presumed command in wartime. His assassination, along with the arms race, nationalism, imperialism, militarism, and the alliance system all contributed to WWI.

  5. 747,000 American weapons - worth a total of $626 million - are unaccounted for in Afghanistan, according to a report from the United States' Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

  6. British Army surgeon James Barry, who became Inspector General of military hospitals and performed one of the first successful Caesarean delivery in Africa, was discovered on his death to actually be a woman called Margaret.

  7. Hitler's Inspector General of Buildings planned to transform Berlin into a supercity.

  8. When after the Snowden revelations the NSA was asked to estimate the number of Americans whose communications had been incidentally collected, the Inspector General stated "that it would violate the privacy of Americans in NSA data banks to try to estimate their number."

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