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In 2007, in response to an increase in pedestrians wearing headphones being hit by cars, NY proposed making it illegal to cross the street with headphones. Australian State Traffic Commander, Chief Superintendent responded, "You can't legislate stupidity" and Australia ran a warning-ad instead.

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A Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet protested against redeploying the fleet to Pearl Harbor, believing doing so would put the fleet at unnecessary risk if war broke out with Japan. He was relieved of command in February, 1941.

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  1. The plastic card where the U.S. nuclear launch codes are written includes codes which have no meaning. The president must memorize where the correct code is located on the list, which allows him to positively identify himself as the commander-in-chief and thereby authenticate a launch order.

  2. The mutilation of dead Japanese troops in WW2 by Americans was so rife that the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet ordered that "No part of the enemy's body may be used as a souvenir".

  3. Yang Jingyu, a Chinese WW2 Commander-in-Chief. After his troops were killed, he fought alone for 5 days. Japanese troops, fearing his famed marksmanship, refused to approach his body for a while after his death. They later reburied him properly with full cemetery ritual and military respect.

  4. US Ensign Chester Nimitz was court-martialed and reprimanded for grounding a destroyer in 1908. He would become Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet during WWII, and Chief of Naval Operations after the war.

  5. Isoroku Yamamoto, commander in chief of the Japanese Combined Fleet, predicted the outcome of Japan attacking the USA, but still served the Emperor until his death

  6. Due to Sparta being the most warlike and martially capable of the Greek city-states, the members of the Greek League chose Leonidas to be their commander-in-chief in 481 BC in their war against Persia.

  7. Radomir Putnik, Commander in Chief of Serbia during WW1, was vacationing in Budapest when Austria-Hungary declared war upon his country. Despite being detained by the police, he was released by the Emperor's order as a gesture.

  8. In 1798, Cornwallis became the lord lieutenant and commander in chief of Ireland.

  9. The Eisenhower Doctrine, like all presidential doctrines, was non-binding, meaning that it was not a law. With that said, as the "commander in chief" of the armed forces, the American president has great latitude when it comes to foreign affairs and military intervention.

  10. In 1989 Colin Powell was promoted to a four-star general. The president at the time was George H. W. Bush. He briefly served as Commander in Chief.

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During WW2, the United States decrypted a Japanese message containing specific details of the flight itinerary for their Commander in Chief, Isoroku Yamamoto. The US intercepted his flight with 16 fighter planes and shot his plane down. He was killed when a .50cal bullet struck him in the head.

The highest political office Cicero attained was as consul in 63 BC. Roman consuls were somewhat like modern prime ministers in that they were elected by the Senate to be the head of state, but they were also like modern presidents because they were the commander-in-chief of the Roman military.

The monument was being planned in 1783, even before George Washington became president. It was being planned as a way to honor Washington as commander-in-chief of the American army during the Revolutionary War.

After the Indian rebellion against British rule in 1857, Charles Dickens wrote: “I wish I were Commander in Chief in India… I should do my utmost to exterminate the Race upon the stain of the late cruelties rested…to blot it out of mankind and raze it off the face of the Earth.”

In 1942 Eisenhower was promoted to major general, and then soon after he became the Allied Forces commander-in-chief for Operation Torch, which was the invasion of North Africa.

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The Commander in Chief of the Continental Army was George Washington, appointed in 1775.

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The American president is the head of the executive branch of the government and the "Commander in Chief" of the military, which can be traced back to the office of consul in ancient Rome.

Tojo served as the Prime Minister and army minister during WWII, and in 1944 he took the additional command of chief of the Army General Staff.

In 1857, Charles Dickens advocated genocide against the Indian race, wishing he were Commander in Chief of India so that he could "do utmost to exterminate the [Indian] Race", using "merciful swiftness of execution to blot [the Indian race] out of mankind and raze it off the face of the earth."

The US Army is older than the United States. The Continental Army was created by an act from the Continental Congress on June 14, 1775. The next day, George Washington was appointed as commander-in-chief of the new Army, and took command of his troops in Boston on July 3, 1775.

Perhaps his greatest moment in the Continental Congress was when he cast the deciding vote to keep George Washington as the commander-in-chief of the military.

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As the commander in chief of Ireland, Cornwallis defeated the Irish rebels during the Irish Rebellion of 1798 and their French supporters.

General McClellan was both commander of the Army of the Potomac and general in chief of all Union armies.

Westmoreland raised the number of American troops in Vietnam from about 16,000 when he became commander in 1964 to more than 500,000 when he became Chief of Staff in 1968.

The highest ranking officer in the Marine Corps is the Commandant of the Marine Corps. He is also a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In 1865 Robert E. Lee was named commander-in-chief of all Confederate armies but it was too late and he surrendered on April 9th, 1965 to Grant.

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Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, one of Napoleon's generals, was elected King of Sweden, and subsequently reigned as Charles XIV John of Sweden. He was one of the chief commanders in the Coalition forces against Napoleon, and helped ensure the defeat of the Emperor at Leipzig

After playing a major role in the defense of Verdun in 1916, he was nicknamed the "Lion of Verdun" and promoted to Commander-in-Chief.

Why Santa is Being Tracked By an Aerospace Defense Agency - “first started in 1955... department store printed a number for kids to call Santa, but messed up and listed the number for the commander in chief’s operations hotline at NORAD’s predecessor... the tradition has stuck ever since.”

Because of past abuses of military power, in peacetime, the Commander-in-Chief of the German armed forces is not the Federal Chancellor or President of Germany, but the Minister of Defense.

Major General George McClellan had recently been demoted from command of all Union forces and given command of the Army of Potomac. Chief Henry Halleck was appointed to coordinate the armies led by McClellan and Pope.

The last surviving vice-admiral of the Japanese Imperial Navy died in 1993, aged 106. Responsible for the invasion of Hong Kong, he survived the war as he retired from active service as Commander in Chief in March 1944

Lady Meux, a Victorian socialite, liked a military commander so much she made him the chief beneficiary of her will, under the condition that he change his last name to "Meux". He did, and inherited her estate and substantial ownership in a brewery.

The Commander in Chief of the Canadian Armed forces is ... the Governor General

After the American Revolution, Cornwallis returned to England where he was knighted and made the governor-general and commander in chief of India.

Before 1941, the top US navy command was called CINCUS (Commander in Chief, United States Fleet, pronounced "sink us")

The USS Cowpens, possibly the most infamous boat currently in the US Navy, where three captains, a chief engineer, a command master chief, and an executive officer have been relieved for various reasons since 2010, including cruel treatment of the crew and banging another captain's wife

As a young sailor, Robert Carney called four star admiral Louis de Steiguer a "rotten son of a bitch" before running off. De Steiguer took Carney on an epic drinking binge. Carney later became a commander-in-chief of NATO, and led the funeral cortege for de Steiguer.

The US Navy used to have a position termed 'Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet', or CINCUS, pronounced "Sink Us".

The Joint Chiefs of Staff do not have authority of operational Command themselves but rather must report to the secretary of defense.

Spain is a constitutional monarchy. The monarch is the head of state and commander in chief of the Spanish Armerd Forces

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