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By law, no United States officer can outrank George Washington. He was posthumously promoted to Six-Star General in 1976.

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That, by law, no US officer is ever allowed to outrank George Washington, and he was posthumously promoted to "six star general" to make sure.

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  1. When an Indian Captain was badly wounded in WW2 Burma and thought to be on his deathbed, he was quickly awarded a Military Cross because at the time it couldn't be given posthumously. He survived and became the first Indian to be promoted to Field Marshal.

  2. In 1976, George Washington was posthumously promoted to rank of 'General of Armies of the United States.' The law did not specify a number of stars, but it has been speculated this is a six-star rank - outranking all other generals.

  3. Kamikaze pilots would be posthumously promoted if they were successful in their suicide mission.

  4. George Washington was posthumously promoted to General of the Armies of the United States with the intention that no other officer should ever out tank him.

  5. Prior to the invasion plans of Japan, General MacArthur was being considered for a promotion to "General of the Armies". A six star General which only two other people had acquired. John Pershing (active duty), and George Washington (posthumously).

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