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Shari Lewis, the host of Lamb Chop's Play-Along, used to go to restaurants and order lamb chops for dinner just to see the look on people's faces. "[I order it] if for no other reason than to horrify the waiter."

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After Lamb Chop's Play-Along host Shari Lewis' passing, her daughter began to perform with Lamb Chop to keep her character alive.

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  1. Lamb Chop, the sock puppet, has testified before Congress

  2. Lamb Chop the puppet is a Lieutentant (three star) General in the Marines.

  3. Lamb Chop (the puppet) is a three-star general for the United States Marine Corps.

  4. Lamb Chop's Play-Along host Shari Lewis wrote the Original Series Star Trek episode that introduced the planet Memory Alpha

  5. On Fleetwood Mac's single "Tusk", Lindsey Buckingham was accredited with playing a Kleenex box, and Mick Fleetwood was accredited with playing lamb chops. The song also set a record for the highest number of musicians on a track.

  6. The puppet Lamb Chop, from the PBS children's show in the 90's, is a three-star general.

  7. A common part of cuisine in some areas of Spain known as "Tapas". During the hours between lunch and dinner, bars and restaurants will serve FREE portions of food with ordered drinks. These are often more elaborate then common bar snacks; i.e. shrimp, mussels, lamb-chops and more.

  8. Ventriloquist Shari Lewis admitted her show ‘Lamb Chop’s Play-Along’ had no educational content.

  9. The Lamb Chop play along theme song is mostly about bouncing your ass.

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Whenever Shari Lewis was booked for a show, she would demand producers pay for a second airplane seat for her sock puppet 'Lamb Chop' - source

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