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As American pilots began to fly father and higher they began to have more sun-induced headaches. Lieutenant General John MacCready asked Bausch & Lomb to create a solution, thus creating the Ray-Ban Aviators. To combat the blues and whites of the sun and sky, the first lenses were green.

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Dwight D. Eisenhower spent his entire military career, from 2nd Lieutenant to five-star General, in logistics, training, and administration. He never saw combat.

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  1. At the Battle of Missionary Ridge, an 18-year old Union lieutenant, Arthur MacArthur, took his regimental flag and led the charge to the summit, an act for which he received the Medal of Honor. His son was Douglas MacArthur, the general in charge of the Pacific theater during WWII.

  2. About the Black War or the British conquest of Tasmania. The Lieutenant-General declared Martial law allowing for the British colonists to kill the aboriginal Tasmanians with impunity. Historians today debate on whether to label the war as a genocide.

  3. Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was the Lieutenant-General of an authorized state militia that enlisted at least 2,500 men while the the United States army at the time consisted of 8,500.

  4. Although the Army rank Major is higher than Lieutenant, the rank of Lieutenant General is higher than Major General.

  5. The Australians were led by Lieutenant General John Monash.

  6. Commissioned officers in the Marine Corps include Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General.

  7. Confederate Lieutenant General James Longstreet of Gettysburg fame would go on to endorse Ulysses Grant for President, join the party of Lincoln, serve as Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, convert to Catholicism and marry a second wife so much younger than he that she didn't died until 1962.

  8. Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner Junior died at the Battle of Okinawa from artillery shrapnel. He was the highest ranking American officer to die on the battlefield in World War II.

  9. Lieutenant General James Longstreet had ordered a surprise attack on the Union, but that plan was foiled when Longstreet was wounded by friendly fire.

  10. He demonstrated a quick military mind in several battles during the Civil War, which earned him continual promotion, eventually to the of Lieutenant General of the Confederate Army.

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The coup that put Saddam Hussein's party in power in 1968 was bloodless. At the time Saddam was secretary and acting deputy chairman to the Revolutionary Command Council. He was promoted to lieutenant general in 1973.

In 1864, Abraham Lincoln promoted General Ulysses S. Grant to lieutenant general of the U.S. Army...The rank of lieutenant general had been unused since 1798 when John Adams assigned the post to former President George Washington, in anticipation of a French invasion of the U.S. - source

Sir Stanley Savige, an Australian Lieutenant General saved over 50,000 Assyrian Christians from almost certain death during World War I. - source

He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in 1776 and served in numerous successful British campaigns early in the American Revolutionary War.

In WWII, Lieutenant General George S. Patton slapped soldiers who had shell shock because he didn't believe in post-traumatic stress disorder. - source

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The Confederate troops were under the command of General Braxton Bragg and Lieutenant General William Hardee.

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British lieutenant-general Lord Uxbridge was seriously wounded at the Battle of Waterloo and his right leg had to be amputated. His leg was buried and an inscripted tombstone was erected. The burial site of Lord Uxbridge's leg became a popular tourist attraction in the Waterloo village.

About the Millenium Challenge, a 2002 naval war game held in the Persian Gulf. The results were suspended after Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper playing the enemy used asymmetric tactics to kill 20k troops and sink a significant number of ships, including a carrier and several cruisers.

The Confederate forces were led by Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton.

While still a young lieutenant, famous American WW2 General George S. Patton was named "Master of the Sword," an honor reserved for the top instructor of the US Military Academy at West Point. He invented what came to be known as the "Patton Saber".

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has continually had an American General and a Canadian Lieutenant General since its founding in 1958.

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Longstreet began the Civil War with the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Confederate Army, but quickly advanced to general after leading several successful campaigns

Kazimierz Leski, a Polish officer who during WW2 posed as Wehrmacht Lieutenant, Generalmajor and fictional General Julius von Halmann. He managed to cross Europe several times and visit Atlantic Wall construcion site without being revealed.

Lambchop the puppet is an honorary Lieutenant General (3-star) in the Marines

That, several hours before the WWI Armistice was to take effect, U.S. Lieutenant General William M. Wright launched a successful attack on the French town of Stenay. He might have done this so that his troops could make use of the town's bathhouses and other public works.

Due to a combination of his eagerness to enlist, his support of the regiment out of his own pocket, and his natural charisma, Forrest was quickly given the rank of lieutenant general and command of the 3rd Tennessee Cavalry

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The highest ever direct commission in the US Army was William Knudsen, who was commissioned during WWII as a Lieutenant General (3 stars).

When the German army captured Stalin’s son, Hitler said that if the Soviets release a German general, then Hitler would give Stalin his son back. Stalin replied “Why would I trade a general for a lieutenant?” Stalin’s son was later reported to have committed suicide while being held.

James Doolittle's (of the Doolittle Raid) final rank of lieutenant general is the highest rank ever held by a reserve officer in modern times.

Gal Gadot was offered to play Faora, General Zod's lieutenant in Man of Steel, but declined due to her pregnancy.

During WW1, British Lieutenant-General Hunter Weston refused the Turkish request for truce for mass burial as the British command thought that the Turks will be less willing to attack over land filled with their own side's corpses. The corpses remained there for the rest of the campaign.

George Washington retired as a lieutenant general, highest rank at the time, and as a result has been outranked by other generals. In 1976 Congress felt fitting to promote him to General of the Armies of the United States, and declared that no officer should ever outrank George Washington.

After being accused of war crimes for burning down Chambersburg, PA, Confederate Lieutenant General Jubal Early proceeded to Mexico, and from there, sailed to Cuba and Canada.

The owners of the most impressive name in military history, Admiral Sir Manley Power and his great-grandfather, Lieutenant General Sir Manley Power.

In ancient Persia (Iran), the women where not only influential in politics, but high ranking military lieutenants, admirals, and also a general.

The 9/11 attack on the Pentagon killed a highest-ranking lieutenant Army General, Timothy Maude. His death was the most significant since the death of Lieutenant General Simon B. Buckner, Jr. on June 18, 1945, in the Battle of Okinawa in WWII

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