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About Monte Melkonian, an American citizen, who joined the Nagorno-Karabakh war in the early 90’s. With little military experience he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in command of 4 thousand men. He is recognized as a hero in Armenia with statues standing today in his honor.

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An African-American kid secretly joined the Chinese in their war against Japan, and worked himself up to the rank of Lieutenant, before being discharged due to his age

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  1. Although the Army rank Major is higher than Lieutenant, the rank of Lieutenant General is higher than Major General.

  2. In 1847, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel during the Mexican-American War (1846-1848)

  3. Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner Junior died at the Battle of Okinawa from artillery shrapnel. He was the highest ranking American officer to die on the battlefield in World War II.

  4. Comedian Rob Riggle served in the Marines for 22 years , earning the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He has been deployed in Kosovo, Liberia and Afghanistan.

  5. In 1864, Abraham Lincoln promoted General Ulysses S. Grant to lieutenant general of the U.S. Army...The rank of lieutenant general had been unused since 1798 when John Adams assigned the post to former President George Washington, in anticipation of a French invasion of the U.S.

  6. He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in 1776 and served in numerous successful British campaigns early in the American Revolutionary War.

  7. After graduating from West Point in 1854, Stuart was commissioned with the rank of brevet second lieutenant and assigned posts in Texas and Kansas.

  8. During WW2, a Chinese commander served in the German Wehrmacht, his name was Chiang Wei-Kuo, and he reached the rank of Lieutenant.

  9. Longstreet began the Civil War with the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Confederate Army, but quickly advanced to general after leading several successful campaigns

  10. Due to a combination of his eagerness to enlist, his support of the regiment out of his own pocket, and his natural charisma, Forrest was quickly given the rank of lieutenant general and command of the 3rd Tennessee Cavalry

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James Doolittle's (of the Doolittle Raid) final rank of lieutenant general is the highest rank ever held by a reserve officer in modern times.

William Faulkner liked to wear a RAF lieutenant’s uniform even though he never attained the rank - source

George Washington retired as a lieutenant general, highest rank at the time, and as a result has been outranked by other generals. In 1976 Congress felt fitting to promote him to General of the Armies of the United States, and declared that no officer should ever outrank George Washington. - source

First Lieutenant Norman Dike, portrayed as an incompetent and useless officer in the miniseries Band of Brothers, was in reality twice decorated for bravery and attained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

The 9/11 attack on the Pentagon killed a highest-ranking lieutenant Army General, Timothy Maude. His death was the most significant since the death of Lieutenant General Simon B. Buckner, Jr. on June 18, 1945, in the Battle of Okinawa in WWII - source

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In ancient Persia (Iran), the women where not only influential in politics, but high ranking military lieutenants, admirals, and also a general.

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Despite being nicknamed "The Admiral," Basketball Hall of Famer David Robinson was given the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade after fulfilling his service with the United States Navy.

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