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David Stirling, founder of the Special Air Service, personally strangled 41 men and was described as "quite mad" by Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery.

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He was promoted to major general in 1938.

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  1. In July 1939, Montgomery suppressed an Arab revolt in British ruled Palestine. He was later quoted saying about the experience, "I shall be sorry to leave Palestine in many ways, as I have enjoyed the war out here."

  2. Both of his stepsons, John and Dick Carver, served in World War II and rose to the rank of colonel. John was captured by the Italians but escaped prison in 1943.

  3. Between the wars, "Monty" as he was often called, worked his way up the ranks and was given command of the 3rd Division of the British Expeditionary Force.

  4. Montgomery died on March 24, 1976 and the age of eighty-eight in Alton, England. He was buried in the Holy Cross churchyard in Binsted, England.

  5. Montgomery was promoted to full general after his victory at El Alamein.

  6. Montgomery fought extensively on the Western Front during World War I, getting shot in the chest and knee in two separate occasions.

  7. He commanded the 21st Army Group during after the Allied invasion of Europe.

  8. After the war, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery became an outspoken critic of many things, including the legalisation of homosexuality in 1967 stating that "This sort of thing may be tolerated by the French, but we're British – thank God."

  9. During World War II, Montgomery had a pet terrier he named "Hitler."

  10. Montgomery was given command of two American armies during the Battle of the Bulge and is credited with helping reorganize the Allied counteroffensive.

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During the Battle of the Bulge, command of Bradley's First and Ninth armies was temporarily given to British Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery. This came after Bradley's forces took heavy casualties during the initial German counter-offensive.

After Bernard Montgomery invited captured German general Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma to dine with him in his private trailer, Winston Churchill remarked: "I sympathize with General von Thoma: Defeated, in captivity and... dinner with Montgomery." - source

M.E. Clifton James, who was noted for his striking resemblance to British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery during World War II. He was used for the deception operation in preparation for the D-Day Landings, drawing a General's pay for his work - source

Montgomery married widow Elizabeth Carver in 1927. She had two sons from her previous marriage. The couple had one son, David, but were only married for ten years. Elizabeth died of an infection in 1937.

In terms of his personality, Montgomery was said to lack tack and was not very diplomatic. In his later life, he called American involvement in Vietnam "insane," agreed with the Apartheid system in South Africa, and had respect for Mao Zedong and Communist China.

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There are 3 towns in Normandy that include the name "Montgomery". One is named for Sir Bernard Montgomery, who helped lead the D-Day invasions. The other 2 are named for his ancestors, who were part of William the Conqueror's invading army in 1066.

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The sons of Erwin Rommel George S Patton and Bernard Montgomery were all friends.

Soldier M. E. Clifton James successfully impersonated General Bernard Montgomery ("Monty") for intelligence purposes during World War II

Manfred Rommel (son of Erwin "The Desert Fox" Rommel) was friends with George S. Patton IV (son of George S. Patton Jr. of 3rd Army fame) and was also friends with David Montgomery (son of Field Marshal Bernard "Monty" Montgomery)

British Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery's first Rule of War was "Don't March on Moscow."

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