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The Confederate forces were led by general Joseph E. Johnston until middle July and then by general John B. Hood for the remainder of the campaign.

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Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston's army in North Carolina, which was the force Lee was attempting to join when he went to Appomattox, surrendered on April 26, 1865.

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  1. Joseph Johnston, Confederate general and enemy of U.S. general William Sherman, ended up befriending Sherman. During Sherman's funeral in 1891, which was cold and rainy, Johnston refused to put his hat back on in respect for Sherman. He caught a cold and died of pneumonia a month later.

  2. 2 Confederate Generals, Joseph E. Johnston and Simon B. Buckner were pallbearers at Ulysses S. Grant's funeral.

  3. Ex-Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston died as a result of catching a cold while he was attending ex-Union General William Tecumseh Sherman's funeral.

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