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Jefferson Davis was never tried for treason in part because the federal government feared he may convince a jury that secession was not illegal.

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Jefferson Davis in 1861 hoped to become a general in the Confederate Army. He was stunned and horrified to learn that he had been elected the first president of the Confederate States of America.

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  1. Hiram Revels was the first African-American Senator. He took the seat of Jefferson Davis, who was the president of the Confederacy

  2. William A. Jackson, a former slave of Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederates, who regularly watched meetings between Davis and Confederate officials. He escaped in 1861 and went north, giving the union much info about Confederate military deployments and planning.

  3. The Governor of Confederate Arizona wanted to kill adult Apaches and enslave their children. Jefferson Davis reacted by abolishing the office.

  4. Following his release Jefferson Davis was invited by novelist Sarah Dorsey to live at her estate in Biloxi, Mississippi.

  5. Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States of America, has a huge obelisk monument in his birth town in Kentucky that's almost as tall as the Washington Monument

  6. In 1835 Jefferson Davis fell in love with Sarah Knox Taylor and the two were married against her father's wishes. She died after only a few months from malaria. Her father Zachary Taylor would become president.

  7. Robert also became military advisor to the Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

  8. Jefferson Davis married Varina Banks Howell in 1845.

  9. Confederate President Jefferson Davis replaced Johnston with Hood on July 18, believing the latter's more aggressive tactics would be a match for Sherman.

  10. Jefferson Davis lived at Sarah Dorsey's estate with his wife Varina until his death in 1889.

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After the death of their husbands, Julia Grant, wife of General Ulysses S. Grant, commander of the Union Armies, and Varina Davis, wife of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis, became close friends.

Jefferson Davis" father died when Jefferson was 16 and attending Transylvania University.

Before leaving office, Johnson pardoned all of the remaining high-profile Confederates, including former CSA President Jefferson Davis.

Beauregard sent a telegram to President Jefferson Davis on the first night, saying that he had achieved a "complete victory." This turned out to not be the case.

Mississippi seceded from the Union in 1861, and Jefferson Davis resigned from his Senate seat.

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In 1861 Jefferson Davis was voted in as the President of the Confederate States of America, despite his personal views against secession.

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In 1846 the Mexican-American War began and Jefferson resigned his seat in Congress to re-join the military.

In 1965 Jefferson Davis was captured by Union forces and spent two years in prison. He was accused of treason but was never put on trial and was released in 1867 on $100,000 bail.

Johnston was made a full general in the Confederate Army on May 31, 1861. He was appointed by his friend and former West Point classmate, Jefferson Davis.

Jefferson Davis spent several years working on his plantation before entering politics. He was elected to the U.S. House of representatives in 1845.

Jefferson Davis became well known for his ability to give powerful speeches.

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In 1853 Jefferson Davis was appointed by President Franklin Pierce to serve as the U.S. Secretary of War.

Abraham Lincoln was born only 100 miles from where Jefferson Davis had been born. Abraham was born about eight months after Jefferson.

He served as Jefferson Davis" military advisor for most of 1864.

He graduated from the United States Military Academy in West Point in 1826. His classmate was the future president of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis.

Jefferson Davis wrote the book The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government in 1881. He wrote his memoir A Short History of the Confederate States of America in 1889.

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Confederate President Jefferson Davis was so unhappy with the performance of Braxton's troops that he relieved Braxton of his command after the battles.

Stephens was elected vice-president of the Confederate States of America in February 1861. Initially, he was a close confidant and advisor to President Jefferson Davis, but that changed over time due to his lack of military experience.

Bragg was relieved from command by Confederate President Jefferson Davis after the overall disastrous Chattanooga Campaign in the fall of 1863.

There that the American Civil War Confederate President Jefferson Davis has his own Presidential Museum. While it's not an "official" Presidential Museum and thus receives no federal funding, it was opened only 21 years ago and receives regular annual funding from the State of Mississippi.

On March 13, 1865 the Confederate Senate passed a bill allowing slaves to serve in the Confederate Army. President Jefferson Davis issued an executive order with the law giving black Confederate soldiers freedom.

Jefferson Davis was named after Thomas Jefferson. His middle name "Finis" was chosen because his parents expected that he would be their last child. "Finis" is Latin for "final".

Jefferson Davis served in the Senate from 1847 to 1851.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis wanted a tropical empire and would need a slave economy to support it.

In Alabama tomorrow is Jefferson Davis Day which is still a state holiday. Instead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day they have Robert E Lee's Birthday, and April 22nd was Confederate Memorial Day.

Pope Pius IX responded to an 1863 letter from Confederate President Jefferson Davis with a signed photograph, leading the U.S. Congress to sever all diplomatic ties with the Vatican. Robert E. Lee considered Pius IX to be "the only sovereign in recognize our poor Confederacy."

Pierce lost the re-election and Jefferson Davis returned to an elected Senate seat in 1857.

After the Civil War, Jefferson Davis still had a pretty comfortable life. He became president of the Carolina Life Insurance Company, was elected to the US Senate (although was barred from federal office) and turned down the opportunity to be the president of Texas A&M.

12th US president Zachary Taylor's daughter was married to Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy.

Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis fought on the same side during the Black Hawk War. Lincoln would later become president of the US and Davis the president of the seceding rebel Confederates during the Civil War.

Jefferson Airplane's song White Rabbit was not only inspired by Lewis Carroll's psychedelic story Alice in Wonderland, but also by the lead singer, Grace Slick, constantly taking LSD for 24 hours and listening to Miles Davis' album Sketches of Spain, on repeat until it "burned into her brain."

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