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Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Admirial Isoroku Yamamoto said that if war with the USA lasted longer than 6 months, Japan had no hope of victory. Exactly 6 months after the attack, Japan would suffer a major defeat at the Battle of Midway, from which it never recovered.

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When asked about a war with the US, Isoroku Yamamoto predicted that Japan would do well for 6 months to a year, then start to lose around the second or third year. This is exactly what would happened.

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  1. Isoroku Yamamoto, commander in chief of the Japanese Combined Fleet, predicted the outcome of Japan attacking the USA, but still served the Emperor until his death

  2. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was the commander of the Japanese during the battle. It would be his last major campaign as he was shot down and killed by American fighters in April 1943.

  3. During WW2, the United States decrypted a Japanese message containing specific details of the flight itinerary for their Commander in Chief, Isoroku Yamamoto. The US intercepted his flight with 16 fighter planes and shot his plane down. He was killed when a .50cal bullet struck him in the head.

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