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The CIA's operations in Cuba were so heavily compromised that the Cuban government released a 6-part TV series showing clips of US agents engaging in "undercover" espionage.

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John C. Beale, a man who pretended he was a CIA secret agent, flew around the world on first-class flights, stayed in high-end hotels and cost the taxpayers almost $900,000.

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  1. In 1977, William Kampiles stole a top-secret KH-11 spy satellite manual from the CIA which he sold to the Russians for $3000. He then told the CIA for who he worked what he had done in the hopes that they would hire him as a double agent. They didn't and he was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

  2. The CIA used a device called Jack in the Box, made from sex dolls cut from the shoulder down. If an agent was being tailed by the KGB, his driver would turn sharply, giving him time to hop out of the car. The driver would then deploy the device, so it would look like the agent is in the car.

  3. CIA agents in the 50's used different lacing patterns to secretly communicate

  4. The prosthetic make-up Jim Carrey wore for the grinch took about 8 hours to apply. Carrey felt so horribly confined and uncomfortable in the latex skin he needed counseling from a CIA agent who taught him torture-resistance techniques.

  5. Several days before the Invasion of Afghanistan, a CIA agent made an agreement with the military commander of the Taliban, to kill Bin Laden and capture his top Lieutenants. Before the plan could be carried out, the United States began its invasion.

  6. An EPA Agent successfully pretended to be working for the CIA for 12 years so he could take days off without limitation, get reimbursed for vacations, and otherwise defraud the EPA.

  7. About John C. Beale, a man who pretended to be a CIA secret agent, flew around the world on first-class flights, stayed in high-end hotels and cost the taxpayers almost US$900,000.

  8. During MKUltra the CIA roofied their own agents: "surprise acid trips became something of an occupational hazard among CIA operatives".

  9. In 1962, the CIA stole an abandoned Soviet polar listening station. 2 agents were dropped to retrieve equipments and were later fished out from the site using a sky hook attached to a B-17 bomber.

  10. During the Cold War, CIA agents used a method of communication based on how their shoelaces were tied.

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Red Dawn" had such a realistic T72 Soviet Tank that two CIA agents followed it while being carted down Los Angeles to figure out where it came from. - source

A Top-Secret KH-11 Spy Satellite Manual was stolen from the CIA Headquarters in Langley by a low-ranking clerk. They only found out after the clerk flew back from a Soviet Embassy in Greece and petitioned the CIA to work for them as a double agent. They refused and he was sentenced to 40 years. - source

Project COLDFEET, where CIA agents parachuted onto a drifting ice station in the Arctic, infiltrated a recently-abandoned Soviet research installation, recovered intelligence on Soviet underwater acoustic detection systems, and then were successfully extracted via the Fulton Skyhook system.

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The CIA planned to bring down Indonesian president Sukarno by portraying him in a porno film. They put together a film starring a Sukarno look-alike in bed with a blonde playing a Soviet agent. They failed.

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Nelson Mandela was a master of disguise known was dubbed 'Black Pimpernel' for his ability to evade arrest. When he was finally arrested due to a tip-off from a CIA agent, he was dressed as a chauffeur.

In the 1970s the CIA thought the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent. MI5 and the Army (backed by the royal family) were preparing to launch a coup d'état before Wilson unexpectedly resigned in 1976

Brian Kelley was a CIA agent suspected of being a Russian mole until the FBI paid $7 million for a voice recording of the actual mole talking to his Russian handlers, and found out it was someone else (Robert Hanssen).

The producers of Jim Carrey's The Grinch (2000) hired a CIA operative who instructed agents on how to endure extreme torture techniques to coach Carrey on how to remain calm while they applied his makeup (which took 8 hours the first time).

A CIA agent named Edward Lansdale was helping the Philippine government in fighting leftist Huk rebels. In order to strike fear in the hearts of the rebels, Lansdale stage fake vampire attacks on them

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Operation Midnigt Climax, an offshoot of Project MKUltra, in which prostitutes on the CIA payroll were instructed to drug unsuspecting clients with LSD who would then be monitored via two-way mirrors by field agents.

Two former federal agents and an ex CIA contractor told an American news channel that the CIA was involved in the 30 hour torture and death of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena

While in prison Harold James Nicholson, a former CIA agent convicted of spying for Russia, used his son to sell additional secrets and collect over $47,000 in payment

During the Cold War, CIA agents used a method of communication based on how their shoelaces were tied.

Sources within the DEA and CIA claim the CIA orchestrated the kidnap, torture, and murder of legendary DEA agent 'Kiki' Camarena in 1985

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Japan embraced nuclear power only a decade after Hiroshima through the efforts of a suspected war criminal, CIA agent and media baron, and a flamboyant pilot who encouraged people to search for uranium in their backyards.

Aldrich Ames, an alcoholic mediocre CIA agent who ended up single-handedly selling out nearly every single CIA agent and operation in the Soviet Union.

The FBI spent years investigating CIA officer Brian Kelley, convinced he was spying for Russia. It wasn't until a former Russian spy provided evidence that identified the spy as a FBI agent.

KGB agent Vitaly Yurchenko defected to the United States in 1985, outed two CIA officers as Soviet spies, and defected back to the Soviet Union a few months later. It is unknown if his initial defection was genuine and he later changed his mind, or if he was a double agent the whole time.

A CIA agent captured in 1952 and held prisoner by the Chinese for 20 years would become the United States’ longest-held POW.

Spider-Man has a long lost sister, Teresa, formerly CIA and currently a SHIELD agent.

The CIA Has a Starbucks, and It Doesn't Write Customers' Names on Cups since Some of Them Are Undercover Agents

The Roman "Bureau of Barbarians" and "Agentes in Rebus", which roughly corresponded to our CIA and FBI. The Bureau did translation and handled foreign affairs, while the Agentes traded information and kept tabs on officials. The Emperors apparently had a problem with their growing power.

The co-writer of the Camp X Manual, field manual for CIA and MI6 spies, was a KGB double agent Kim Philby

A CIA agent teamed up with a comic book artist (Jack Kirby, co creator of X-men) and a make up artist (John Chambers, who had an Academy Award for "Planet of the Apes") to save some American hostages from US embassy in Tehran in a ridiculous, but effective way.

The kid who plays Young Sheldon is the grandson of Richard Armitage, a former Deputy Secretary of State who was involved in blowing the cover of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

During the Vietnam war, a CIA agent named Tony Poe built a "secret army" in Laos that chopped off ears for body counts and tossed severed heads into crowds for psychological warfare.

Jenelle Potter, a simple minded girl from TN who catfished her own mother and father using the same family computer and convinced them to kill a young couple. She used her own email account to pose as a 'CIA agent' and they believed it.

British MP Airey Neave was assassinated by the INLA in 1979, had escaped from Colditz in WWII, and served with the International Military Tribunal at the Nuremberg. There is a theory that he was killed by MI6 agents working with the CIA.

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