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A US Navy POW blinked the word 'torture' in morse code during a forced TV interview in North Vietnam to signal his conditions to the Office of Naval Intelligence

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US Government agencies (CIA, FBI, Naval Intelligence) have recruited the American Mafia multiple times in order to reach their goals. A couple examples are defending the New York harbor during WWII and attempts at assassinating Fidel Castro in the 1960's.

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  1. About "friend of Dorothy", a code phrase used by gay men in the '80s to identify themselves to other gay men without implicating themselves, and how US Naval Intelligence wasted millions of dollars trying to find "Dorothy" and make her reveal her secret roster of all of the gays

  2. The Director of Naval Intelligence -- the US Navy's head intelligence officer -- has has been barred from reading, seeing or hearing classified information since November 2013

  3. The first public announcements of Osama bin Laden's death were made by a Naval intelligence officer, and The Rock

  4. The head of Peru's intelligence service Vladimiro Montesinos ordered to built a maximum-security prison naval base during the 90s. He is now serving 25 years at the same prison.

  5. A Woolworth's model submarine which was modified for use in the 1972 Doctor Who story 'The Sea Devils' was coincidentally so similar to a design being worked on by the MOD that the director was visited by Naval Intelligence who were concerned that the design had been leaked.

  6. Three days before the Dec. 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt was warned in a memo from naval intelligence that Tokyo's military and spy network was focused on Hawaii

  7. Ted N. "Twig" Branch, Chief of Naval Intelligence, lost his security clearance in November of 2013 due to alleged involvement in a bribery scandal. Branch has neither been charged nor cleared, leading to a situation where he has held his post but is unable to perform his duties.

  8. Operation Mincemeat, a deceptive strategic operation during World War 2. It was devised by John Godfrey, Director of the Naval Intelligence and his personal Assistant, Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming, also known as the creator of James Bond.

  9. While working for British Naval Intelligence he was the assistant to Admiral John Godfrey, whom many believe to be the character "M" in Ian's James Bond series.

  10. During his time as a Commander for Naval Intelligence, Ian Fleming drafted an allied plan for if the Nazis invaded Gibraltar. He named it 'Operation Goldeneye'.

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The 1942 Dieppe Raid may have had an alternate objective to being a dress rehearsal for D-Day: the capture of a German Naval Intelligence HQ at Dieppe by 30 Assault Unit, the British intelligence commando unit set up by Ian Fleming.

In the 1930's, in response to the rise of Japan in the Pacific, the US Office of Naval Intelligence began surveillance of Japanese-Americans. In Japanese, the acronym (ONI) means demon. - source

Montel Williams was a Marine and Naval intelligence officer, and found public speaking through counseling his subordinates - source

Naval Intelligence was once tasked with finding Bill The Goat after he was kidnapped and flow to Colorado in an Airforce Bomber.

Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond had close ties to famed Alan Turing. Fleming was the Lt Commander of Naval Intelligence and worked directly with Turing at Bletchley Park to crack the enigma. - source

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US Naval Intelligence spent over a year tracking down a ringleader of a cabal of homosexual officers codenamed Dorothy. It turned out it was all a misunderstanding of the term 'friend of Dorothy', slang for a gay man.

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