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In 2009 Condoleezza Rice signed a deal with Crown Publishing to write three books, with one being a memoir about her time in the George W. Bush administration.

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David Rees, the cartoonist of the political comic 'Get Your War On' ended the strip shortly after G.W. Bush's administration ended, and now runs an 'Artisanal Pencil Sharpening' business

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  1. The use of the term “climate change” to replace “global warming” was actually an idea put forward by a Republican pollster and implemented by the W. Bush Administration. It was not left wing waffling, but rather a strategic move to make global warming seem less urgent.

  2. Bush ‘Pardoned’ Himself and His Administration of War Crimes

  3. The Bush Administration discussed invading Iraq 10 days after his inauguration, 8 months before Sept. 11 according to memos provided by his former Treasury Secretary.

  4. Hillary Clinton complained in 2007 that the Bush Administration was shredding the constitution by using secret White House email accounts.

  5. The Bush Administration created a trippy cartoon featuring Winnie the Pooh, Garfield, Looney Toons, Baby Muppets, and more to dissuade kids from trying alcohol & drugs.

  6. Wesley Clark got a memo from the Bush Administration about invading 7 countries in 5 years (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran)

  7. During the George W. Bush administration, Pearl Jam performed(on more than one occasion) ‘Bleed For Me’, by Dead Kennedys, and changed some of the lyrics, as a means of criticizing Bush.

  8. Under the Bush administration, organizations that encourage teens to wear purity rings have received federal grants. The Silver Ring Thing, a subsidiary of a Pennsylvania evangelical church, has received more than $1 million from the government to promote abstinence and to sell its rings.

  9. In 2001, FEMA warned that a hurricane striking New Orleans was one of the three most likely disasters in the U.S. But the Bush administration cut New Orleans flood control funding by 44% to pay for the Iraq war.

  10. It cost less money to map the Human Genome than The Bush Administration's invasion of Afghanistan.

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The Onion wrote an article in Jan, 2001, that accurately predicted the downfall of American prosperity under Bush's administration

The Iran-Contra affair in which senior officials of the Reagan administration sold weapons to Iran(in spite of an embargo) in order to fund a rebellion movement in Nicaragua. All of the officials involved were pardoned by George Bush Sr. later on. - source

There is a petition calling for the Bush Administration's arrest for War crimes. - source

The Bush Administration had Picasso's Painting of the Guernica Bombing covered when they argued for the Iraq War in a press conference at the UN Building in NYC

In 2002 The Bush Administration Passed A Law Allowing A US Invasion of The Netherlands In Case An Elected Official Was Tried For War Crimes - source

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Vannevar Bush was an American engineer, inventor and science administrator, who during World War II headed the U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), through which almost all wartime military R&D was carried out.

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In 2007, the US learned that the Bush administration had sent emails via a non-government domain hosted on an email server not controlled by the federal government. Up to five million emails may have been permanently lost.

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