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The German military manual states that a military order is not binding if it is not "of any use for service," or cannot reasonably be executed. Soldiers must not obey unconditionally, the government wrote in 2007, but carry out "an obedience which is thinking.".

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Norm Macdonald was fired from Saturday Night Live because an NBC executive ordered him to lay off jokes targeting his buddy, O.J. Simpson & instead Macdonald did many more. When Simpson was acquitted, Macdonald opened with: “Well, it’s official: Murder is now legal in the state of California."

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  1. Stalin's guards were so afraid of him that no one called a doctor until hours after he had a stroke. They feared he might recover and execute anyone who had acted outside of his orders.

  2. That, in 1838, Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs issued Missouri Executive Order 44, ordering all Mormons to leave the state or be killed.

  3. Prince Yasuhiko, the perpetrator of Nanjing massacre was never charged after the war because of he was member of the Imperial family. General Matsui was executed despite forbidding his men to loot and expressed grief in his diary when his order was disobeyed.

  4. Albrecht II of Bayreuth, a famously cruel ruler once picked a random man from a crowd and ordered him to perform an execution. Due to the severe social stigma attached to executioners he couldn't return to his job as a woodcutter,he was condemned to carry on as an executioner and so was his son

  5. In 2012, investigators discovered Wal-Mart de Mexico had bribed various government officials in order to increase growth in the country. They found a paper trail of hundreds of suspect payments totaling more than $24 million. Wal-Mart executives in the US tried to bury the matter.

  6. Over 300 incidents of child murder occurred in 1700s Germany and Austria due to incidents of "suicide by proxy". Religious people were killing young children in order to have the government execute them so they could get into heaven.

  7. On Sep 11, 1857, a group of Mormon militiamen persuaded a band of passing emigrants to march down a trail in Mountain Meadows, Utah. Under the pretense of protection and following the orders of their local Church leaders, these militiamen proceeded to execute 120 men, women, and children.

  8. Michel "Marshal" Ney 'refused to wear a blindfold and was allowed the right to give the order to fire' at his own Execution.

  9. The Soviet Secret Police on Stalin's orders executed 22,000 Polish officers but Roosevelt and Churchill had to deny it and blame the Nazis in order to maintain their alliance with Stalin

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President Trump now holds the record for most executive orders and presidential memorandum issued in the first week of a presidency

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Ronald Reagan signed an executive order prohibiting assassinations

The Emancipation Proclamation was enacted by Executive Order. - source

The Dakota 38. 38 Dakota Warriors ordered to be hung by Abraham Lincoln. It was the largest mass execution in U.S. history. - source

Heinrich Himmler, leading member of the Nazi SS, dry heaved and nearly fainted when witnessing executions that he had ordered.

A Soviet Special Forces Commander who ordered the execution of all Afghan witnesses to a coup was killed because he was wearing an Afghan uniform. - source

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There's video of Saddam Hussein becoming dictator of Iraq in 1979 at a Baath party leadership meeting, where he named some members as traitors -- and then ordered the rest to go outside and execute them

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Ivan IV (the Terrible) inherited a library thought to contain ancient works from Libraries of Alexandria & Constantinople. Afraid that books would be stolen, he ordered his men to bury the books, then executed them. He died before revealing the location. Searches for the library continue today.

In order to woo women drivers better and tailor a vehicle to their specific needs, Cadillac had their male executives drive around with paper clips on their fingertips, in order to simulate and cater to the "distinctly feminine experience of operating a vehicle with long fingernails."

In order to keep Genghis Khan's burial site a secret, Khan’s successors killed anyone who witnessed his funeral procession. Some 800 soldiers are said to have massacred the 2,000 people who attended his funeral, before being summarily executed themselves.

When Shaka Zulu's mother died, he ordered that any woman who became pregnant in the year of mourning was to be executed, anyone not sufficiently sad was to be executed, and calves would have their mothers slaughtered so that they would know his pain.

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When it was suggested that Lucille Ball's pregnancy be written into the show "I Love Lucy," the episodes that were written had to be approved by a priest, a minister, and a rabbi in order for the executives to allow for the episodes to be produced.

The United States Treasury used to print 5 denominations of money larger than $100. They were used mostly as government transactions, and were all discontinued in 1969. It is illegal to be in posession of a $100,000 bill, a Gold Certificate, due to Executive Order 6102.

Chen Sheng, a military captain who was ordered to lead 900 men to battle but realised he would not make it in time and that they would be executed. Instead he started a rebellion that led to the fall of the dynasty ruling at the time.

In 1938 the Soviet's ordered the genocide of its Polish minority population and within one year over 100,000 Polish were executed

For the 1942 Rose Bowl, played weeks after Pearl Harbor, the Oregon State Beavers only traveled with 31 players because their 32nd player, Chiaki "Jack" Yoshihara, was not permitted to go more than 35 miles from his home due to the new executive order.

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President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10995, giving the U.S. government control of all media in case of an emergency.

In 2013 some trading firms laid a new transatlantic fiber-optic cable stretching 3,000 miles and costing 300 million USD between London and New York. As a result, their stock trading orders are executed 5.2 milliseconds faster.

Joseph Stalin ordered the development of a half man half ape, the creature would be resilient to to pain beyond a normal man and would not care about the quality of food given. When Stalins top scientist failed to do so, he had him executed.

The official units of measure in the USA are metric units like meters & kilograms, & it has been like this since 1875 when the US signed the Convention of the Meter. This was reinforced by the 1975 Metric Conversion Law & a 1991 Presidential Executive Order.

Lepa Radic was caught by Nazis in WWII and refused to snitch at her execution. She told them that "My comrades would reveal themselves when they avenge my death." At age 17, she was the youngest recipient of the posthumously issued Order of the People's Hero gallantry medal in Yugoslavia.

Franklin D. Roosevelt issued the greatest number of executive orders per year of any American president before or since.

After dividing Poland with Nazi Germany, Joseph Stalin ordered the "liquidation" of the Polish officer corps in 1940, resulting in the mass execution of over 25,000 Poles in what came to be known as the Katyn Massacre.

In 1982 ABC cancelled the show 'Police Squad!' after six episodes. A network executive said "viewers had to watch it in order to appreciate it." The show spawned a box office hit six years later, Naked Gun, that raked in a quarter billion USD.

The first African-American to reach the rank of general was Benjamin O. Davis, promoted to the rank of brigadier general on October 25, 1940. 6 days after presiding over his retirement ceremony, President Truman issued Executive Order 9981 abolishing racial discrimination in the military.

In the past in some part of Asia, elephants were trained and used to crush, dismember or torture captives in public executions. They could be ordered to kill victims immediately or torture them slowly over a prolonged period.

Tom Clancy followed the success of his first book with Red Storm Rising in 1986, Patriot Games in 1987, Cardinal of the Kremlin in 1988, Clear and Present Danger in 1989, The Sum of All Fears in 1991, Without Remorse in 1993, Debt of Honor in 1994, Executive Orders in 1996 and Rainbow Six in 1998, The Bear and the Dragon in 2000, Red Rabbit in 2002, The Teeth of the Tiger in 2003, Dead or Alive in 2010, Against All Enemies in 2011, Locked On in 2011, Threat Vector in 2012, and Command Authority in 2013.

Franklin D. Roosevelt issued 3,522 executive orders.

The individual who had written a revolutionary constitution went into hiding once the Reign of Terror began. His name was Nicolas de Condorcet and once the people sheltering the counter-revolutionaries began to be executed he left his hiding place. He was recognized as an aristocrat and arrested when he ordered an omelette as only an aristocrat would. He killed himself in jail before they could send him to the guillotine.

When Saddam Hussein ordered the surrender of all foreigners during the Persian Gulf War diplomat Joe Wilson told him "If the choice is to allow American citizens to be taken hostage or to be executed, I will bring my own fucking rope."

About the car carrier ship Cougar Ace which almost sank in 2006 while enroute to North America from Japan. It was salvaged, but Mazda executives decided they couldn't trust the integrity of the cargo anymore, so they ordered it all destroyed: 4,703 brand new cars.

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