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14th US President Franklin Pierce recited his 3,319-word inaugural address from memory, without the aid of notes.

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After President Grover Cleveland lost his reelection bid in 1888 to Benjamin Harrison, Cleveland held an umbrella over his successor's head while Harrison delivered his inaugural address in a rainstorm.

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  1. American President William Henry Harrison delivered his 1 hour 45 minute inaugural address in a snowstorm while wearing neither a hat or coat, promptly contracted pneumonia, and died less than a month later, making his the shortest presidency in history

  2. Franklin Pierce was the first U.S. President to recite his inauguration address entirely from memory. The speech was 3,329 words long.

  3. Inside the Lincoln Memorial are two murals. One includes stone engravings of the Gettysburg Address and the other contains stone engravings of Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address.

  4. William Henry Harrison delivered by far the longest (8460 words) inaugural address in 1841. He delivered it in a snowstorm and came down with pneumonia as a result of it, dying 1 month later and giving him the other distinction of being the shortest serving president.

  5. John Wilkes Booth is visible in the only known photograph of Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address. Booth afterwards wrote in his diary, "What an excellent chance I had, if I wished, to kill the President on Inauguration day!"

  6. William Henry Harrison gave the longest inaugural address in American history while also serving the shortest presidency in American history.

  7. The Lincoln Memorial has a hastily corrected typo engraved in Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

  8. John Wilkes Booth attended and was photographed at Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address

  9. Abraham Lincoln was photographed with John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated him, during his second inaugural address in 1865

  10. In 1963, following his election as Governor of Alabama, George Wallace famously stated in his inaugural address: "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." He then raised the Confederate Flag flag over the state Capitol in protest against desegregation.

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Watching Obama's farewell address; had Excel open. Charted the number of times he said "we, our, us" and "I, me, my, mine" last night. Looked at his first and second inaugural spee

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WordCloud of Donald Trumps Inauguration address

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After Robert Frost read a poem at JFK’s inaugural address, JFK stated that he didn’t believe poetry and politics were that far apart. “I think politicians and poets share at least one thing, and that is their greatness depends upon the courage with which they face the challenges of life."

A designated survivor is kept in an undisclosed location during presidential inaugurations and State of the Union addresses. This ensures someone survives to lead in case the officials gathered together die. - source

After President Bush Senior made his "Points of light" inaugural address speech, he established a "daily point of light award" to recognize people who volunteer to solve serious social problems. In 2013 he was invited back to the White House to award the 5000th point of light award. - source

The longest inaugural address was given, ironically, by the president who served the shortest in office. He delivered his speech without a coat and hat, which led, to the illness (pneumonia) that ultimately killed him.

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A Sentiment Analysis of Inaugural Addresses Since FDR

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