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Hu Yaobang, whose funeral triggered the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, wanted to have Tibetans and Uyghurs govern themselves, supported improved Sino-Japanese relations, investigated party nepotism/corruption, and was forced to resign as General Secretary for not silencing student protests

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When Steve Madden was convicted of fraud and forced to resign as CEO of his company, he created a new position for himself that paid $700k per year while he was in prison.

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  1. Lyndon Johnson's closest aide, Walter Jenkins, was forced to resign when he was arrested for gay sex. Johnson's wife publically supported Jenkins in a time when homosexuality was heavily scorned.

  2. In 1988 British politician Edwina Currie was forced to resign after incorrectly stating that British eggs were tainted with salmonella. A few months later a government report found she was actually correct, but it was covered up until 2001.

  3. Bayard Rustin, the gay civil rights leader and advisor to MLK who singlehandedly shaped his non-violent protest methods. He was forced to resign to protect the movement when a congressman threatened to fabricate a story of an affair between him and King to dissuade protests in his district.

  4. In 2011 the head of the American College of Surgeons was forced to resign after he wrote a Valentine’s Day editorial touting the mood-enhancing effects of semen on women during unprotected sex, which was completely supported by the research he cited in said editorial.

  5. The head of Serbia's popular State Lottery was forced to resign after the winning numbers of a 'random' drawing appeared to television viewers before they were drawn

  6. After being forced to resign as CEO, Steve Madden was kept by his former company as a consultant with a $700,000 salary which he received while in prison

  7. After the 1992 L.A. riots subsided, there were significant consequences in the police department & city governance in Los Angeles: increased hiring of minority officers, analysis of excessive force, resignation of the police chief, and loss of support for the Mayor.

  8. In 2005 Carly Fiorina was forced to resign from Hewlett-Packard because the company merged with Compaq. Her severance from the company was $21.4 million. She also received $21.1 million in stock options.

  9. The longest running Massachusetts state senate president was forced to resign from a post as president of the University of Massachusetts after he refused to testify before a Congressional hearing about communications with then-fugitive brother, James "Whitey" Bulger, Jr., a Boston crime boss.

  10. Hideki Tojo began to lose popularity in the later years of WWII. He was forced to resign on July 18th, 1944 after the fall of Saipan to the Allied Forces on July 9th, 1944.

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The Stamp Act was actually never enforced because protestors forced the stamp collectors to resign their positions.

In 1920 Paul Deschanel was forced to resign as President of France and committed to a sanitarium. Upon his release three months later he was elected to the senate in 1921. - source

The last ever Minister of State for Immigration in the UK, advocate of the 'Go Home' ad campaign targeting illegal immigration, was forced to resign in February 2014 after he discovered that his cleaner did not have the right to be in the country. - source

Nikolai Ponomarev, Soviet amb to Poland, was fired because he stopped the USSR's invasion; his daughter Larisa forced to resign as a Parliament MP after her lone vote against the Dima Yakovlev Law; her son Ilya, State Duma member, exiled after his lone vote against the Crimean annexation

The oldest living US cabinet member ever was Secretary of Agriculture under Nixon and Ford, Earl Butz who was forced to resign after telling anti-Catholic and racist jokes. He later went to prison for tax evasion. - source

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A British government minister was forced to resign after it was revealed that he simultaneously been having affairs with three separate women, none of whom, or his wife, knew about the others

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Howie Hubler, the man resposible for the largest trading loss in history at $9 billion, was subsequently paid $10 million in back pay when he was forced to resign

The first Prime Minister of Greenland once secured almost absolute power through a series of political purges, where old comrades were sidelined. He led the government for almost twelve years until he was forced to resign and leave politics because of a drinking problem

On Rome's 1000th birthday, it had a Syrian emperor who was a closet Christian. He faced three usurpers, and a Gothic invasion. Shocked, he tried to quit. The Senate rejected his resignation, his army elected his friend emperor, and forced him to kill him in battle.

About the antics of French President Paul Deschanel. He allegedly once greeted the British ambassador wearing nothing more than a sash. His reign ended when he fell out of a moving train at night, survived, but ridicule forced him to resign.

In 2009 the Icelandic people forced all government officials to resign because of fraud and a financial crisis

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An Ohio magistrate was forced to resign after storming out of his courtroom and chasing down a woman, grabbing her shoulder. He made her back into the courtroom and sentenced her to three days in prison for "disrepectful and disruptive behavior"

Contrary to Popular Belief, Robert Lee did not Graduate First in his Class from Westpoint, instead, he graduated second. Charles Mason who came first resigned in a year from the armed forces

Massachusetts' longest standing senate president, Billy Bulger, was forced to resign as president of the University of Massachusetts after he refused to testify in a 2003 Congressional hearing about communications he had had with his then-fugitive brother, crime boss "Whitey" Bulger

State Attorney Marilyn Mosby has three members of her family either fired or forced to resign from various police departments for offenses ranging from robbery to drug use.

Representative Clay Higgins resigned from the police force in 2007 after he assaulted a suspect in handcuffs, lied about it in an internal affairs investigation, then lied about it to his own captain.

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Before Jerry Springer was on TV he was a politician in Cincinnati, who was forced to resign after paying for a prostitute with a cheque.

President of scandal ridden USA Gymnastics got $1MM upon being forced to resign

Congressman Trey Radel, who voted for drug testing food stamp recipients, was himself forced to resign after being busted with cocaine

Public support to remove Nixon from office grew very slowly and was never overwhelming with only 57% agreeing he should be removed from office even in the final days after he was forced to turn over his tapes and would ultimately resign.

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