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Frank Willis, a security guard in 1972. While on duty he noticed tape on a basement door lock. Thinking a worker had left it there accidentally, he removed it. Willis later found tape again in the same place. He called the police, saying he believed there had been a break-in at Watergate.

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Frank Wills, the security guard who discovered the Watergate Break-in, played himself in the movie "All the President's Men"

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  1. Even though there was evidence against his campaign on the Watergate Break-ins, President Nixon still won reelection by one of the biggest landslides in US history.

  2. The last Attorney General to break with POTUS was Elliot Richardson, who resigned after Nixon ordered him to fire the Special Prosecutor of the Watergate scandal

  3. The Watergate Hotel now specifically rents out "The Scandal Room", the room Nixon's staff broke into, now decked out with memorabilia featuring that break-in, the Nixon presidency, and the TV show Scandal.

  4. Nixon's AG,J.Mitchell tried to hide details of Watergate break-in from his outspoken wife, Martha. exFBI "pulled the phone cord from the wall. She was held against her will in California hotel room & forcefully sedated by psychiatrist after physical struggle with five men";accused of drunkenness

  5. A popular theory that the Watergate break-in implicating Nixon was to get information about a CIA blackmail operation and prostitution ring with elites in the DC area

  6. G. Gordon Liddy, leader of Watergate break-in, in his autobiography, Will, states that he made plans to kill journalist Jack Anderson, based on a literal interpretation of a Nixon's White House statement "we need to get rid of this Anderson guy.

  7. Before the Watergate break-in, Nixon wanted his "White House Plumbers" to assassinate a prominent American journalist.

  8. The Watergate Hotel's phone number is the date of the break-in

  9. The break-in at the Watergate Hotel was discovered by a security guard, Frank Wills. He found a door with tape over the lock, thought it was nothing and removed the tape. Later in the evening, the lock had been taped again and he realized there was an intruder inside, so he called police.

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