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During the Iran-Contra hearings, Senator Daniel Inouye remarked that "[There exists] a shadowy Government with...the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself."

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The only person to serve prison time for the Iran-Contra Scandal was a minister who in protest stole a street sign named for John Poindexter.

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  1. The Congressional "majority report," which was issued by the Democrats, blamed the National Security Council for running its own foreign policy through private contractors, although it didn"t personally blame the president.

  2. The hearings were broadcast on CSPAN, which is how Oliver North became a household name. He appeared at the hearings wearing his Marine uniform, complete with all of his combat medals from Vietnam.

  3. Most of those indicted on crimes related to the Iran-Contra Affair were charged with "process crimes:" perjury, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, etc.

  4. The Democrat controlled Congress ran hearings on the affair from May to August 1987.

  5. President Reagan ordered his own investigation of the scandal, known as the Tower Commission, in 1986. Although the Tower Commission absolved Reagan of criminal liability, it did state that he was negligent and should have known what his subordinates were doing.

  6. The most notable person charged was Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North. North was indicted on obstruction of justice based primarily on the testimony of his secretary, Fawn Hall.

  7. Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis was also involved in aiding Fidel Castro, The Bay of Pigs Invasion, The Iran-Contra Affair, as well as several other major Cold War Era events.

  8. An activist Indiana Minister was the only person imprisoned as a result of the Reagan Administration's Iran-Contra Affair in the mid 1980s.

  9. When the government’s official Tower Commission Report (about Reagan’s involvement in the Iran Contra) was finished, it was published and became a bestseller in book stores across the nation.

  10. Ronald Reagan started the modern tradition of pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey to distract from the Iran-Contra affair and speculation that he would pardon central figures in the scandal

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What was the iran contra affair quizlet?

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In all the convictions related to the Iran-Contra Scandal, only one individual found guilty did any prison time. He was a minister that stole a street-sign with Poindexter's name on it and held it for ransom.

The New York Times broke the scandal in 1986.

Although Israel and Iran were enemies, and still are, Israel was the middleman in the arms sales to Iran.

Reagan at first denied that anything wrong had happened on his watch, but once the Congressional reports and the Tower Commission reports came out he admitted the scandal had taken place.

The ACLU successfully defended Oliver North and overturned his Iran-Contra convictions - source

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The ACLU helped Oliver North overturn his conviction for the Iran-Contra scandal.

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The only person who went to prison related to the Iran-Contra Scandal was former minister Bill Breeden, who stole a sign named after John Poindexter (the National Security Adviser who was implicated in the scandal) and held it for ransom

Reagan officially pardoned the first Thanksgiving turkey in response to criticism he received for possibly pardoning Oliver North in connection to the Iran-Contra affair.

Fawn Hall, the secretary to Oliver North during the Iran Contra affair, helped shred documents that destroyed evidence against many involved now works in a bookstore in Los Angeles

In 1992 President Bush pardoned 6 people involved in the Iran-Contra Affair which had produced 1 conviction and 3 guilty pleas

William Barr was the architect of George H.W. Bush using his final day in office (12/31/92) to completely pardon every remaining criminal of the Iran-Contra Scandal under investigation.

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The only person who served jail time as a result of the Iran-Contra Scandal in the 80s was due to his stealing a street sign.

Only 1 person was imprisoned over the Iran-Contra Scandal, a former minister, for stealing a street sign and holding it for ransom.

The largest DEA homicide investigation ever (Operation Leyenda) was launched after an agent was murdered for being a threat to the CIA's Iran-Contra operation

Benghazi is the longest sitting special committee in American history. Longer than the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, Iran Contra, or 9/11.

The Iran-Contra affair in which senior officials of the Reagan administration sold weapons to Iran(in spite of an embargo) in order to fund a rebellion movement in Nicaragua. All of the officials involved were pardoned by George Bush Sr. later on.

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