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Monica Lewinsky couldn't get a full-time job for 17 years after she left the Pentagon in 1997.

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Monica Lewinsky, as of 2014, had still not held a full-time job since leaving the Pentagon in 1997.

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  1. Although the fact that Clinton lied about having an affair with Lewinsky, many of the Republicans that led the impeachment did so on moral grounds. In a somewhat ironic turn after the impeachment, many of these congressmen were exposed as having had affairs while married, including Bob Barr of Georgia, who lost a primary to Republican challenger in the 2000 election.

  2. Although Clinton's long-term reputation as a president was not significantly hurt by the scandal, he was disbarred.

  3. The accusations against the president weren"t released in a single bombshell, but more like in drips in late 1997.

  4. Perhaps in a foreshadowing of the current American political landscape, opinions were divided on Clinton and the scandal. Although people affiliated with both major political parties were generally against the affair morally, Democrats were much more forgiving and didn"t think that it warranted impeachment. A majority of Independents agreed, making the impeachment process generally unfavorable among most Americans.

  5. Another interesting twist in the Clinton-Lewinsky affair is the effect it had on First Lady Hillary Clinton. When Bill Clinton first ran for president in 1992, in a bid to appear as a feminist, Hillary told reporters that if her husband cheated on her she wouldn"t 'stand by her man." The couple are still married as of late 2019.

  6. Lewinsky was transferred from the White House to the Pentagon's public affair's office in 1996 amid rumors that she was involve with the president.

  7. While at the Pentagon, Lewinsky met Linda Tripp, who urged her to record and keep evidence of her liaisons with the president. Among the best known evidence that Lewinsky "collected" was a blue cocktail dress that had spots of Clinton's semen on it from one of their White House encounters.

  8. Monica Lewinsky has a net worth of over $12 Million USD after selling her story to an unnamed book publisher

  9. Political experts and historians are divided as to whether the scandal hurt Al Gore's failed presidential run in 2000.

  10. The affair was the constant source of jokes on late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live.

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Lewinsky was born to a well-connect, wealthy Jewish family in California. Lewinsky attended the private Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

Both Mick Jagger and Monica Lewinsky went to the London School of Economics - source

Tom Green taped a special with Monica Lewinsky in 2000 detailing Monica's quest to collect fabric for her handbag line in Tom's home town! - source

Monica Lewinsky did a Ted Talk about her experience with the aftermath of her presidential encounter.

Monica Lewinsky has a Masters in economics - source

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Monica Lewinsky hid in her mothers apartment in the Watergate complex for the initial month after the scandal broke.

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Tom Green did a special Episode with Monica Lewinsky in 2000 (You can view it here)

Before Monica Lewinsky, Governor Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary appeared on 60 minutes to discuss Gennifer Flowers. Both repeatedly deny Bill having had an affair with Flowers. Clinton would later admit he and Flowers did have an affair while he was governor of Arkansas. [1992]

Monica Lewinsky has given a TED talk (on public shaming and our “culture of humiliation”)

An artist painting an official portrait of Bill Clinton surreptitiously inserted Monica Lewinsky's shadow onto the mantel behind him.

The Monica Lewinsky--Bill Clinton sex scandal is sometimes referred to as "Zippergate"

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In Iraqi Kurdistan, The Toyota Landcruiser is called the Monica (Lewinsky), The Chrysler 300 is called Obama, and BMW's are called "eyebrow"

Jake Tapper of CNN once dated Monica Lewinsky and during Clinton scandal wrote a piece on her calling her "chubby" and revealing intimate details from his dates with her.

It was rumored during the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Scandal that Israeli president Netanyahu was said to have offered intercepted Lewinsky phone tapes for convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard if Clinton shut down a mole hunt for Pollard's handler

Website the Drudge Report was the first news source to break the Monica Lewinsky scandal to the public after Newsweek decided not to publish the story.

In 1998, Clinton bombed the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant, mere days after the eruption of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, simply to distract the country from his infidelity

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